November 03, 2008

And The Winner Is...

WoW- what a contest everyone!! Wahoo!
Thanks to those who submitted their photos and to those who voted! I mean, CoMe On; a cold stone gift certificate was at stake! THAT was worth fighting for! Ice cream is a treat- and very rewarding. What if I gifted a hot dog as the prize? No one would want to win. Who wants to win a home-cooked wiener?

(No offense to my friend who submitted her dog in the ‘hot dog’ costume- that costume RoCked! Wasn’t that a very good, patient doggie? I hope he didn’t have the urge to bite his tail every now and then…
My dog liked your dog’s costume by the way. She wagged her tail every time the ‘hot dog’ costume picture appeared on the screen….maybe next year I’ll dress up my golden retriever as a bottle of Ketchup…)

All right. To explain how the winners were chosen, I awarded 15 points for 1st place votes, 10 points for second choice votes and 5 points for 3rd choice votes. Then, I tallied up all the points to see who had the highest score.
And these were the results....

This is the moment you have waited patiently for…
Oh- and just another quick thank you to all the participants! Thank you for taking the time to submit your photos. I know it’s a big challenge to get the kids -or dog- dressed up and ready. The chore of having to do the hair and the make-up, (because we DO like to have it perfect) It can be an aggravating ordeal to get them all ‘Spiffy’ – it can be just as aggravating as the blogger who obnoxiously keeps rambling on while everyone reading this is anxiously waiting to know who the heck won!

Drum roll, please.

(This is where you use your imagination. For those of you who played along and heard automatic drum rolls, I commend you, I am SoOo impressed! Lean closer to your computer and pat your shoulder, you can pretend I’m patting it for you.)
(Please don’t try this where anyone can see you.)

Honorable mention accumulating 40 points is:

“The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2!”
Yeah!” “Wahoo!” Whistle, whistle. (I’m making background noise- just play along please.)
The third place winner with a total of 65 points is:
“Tube of Toothpaste!”

“You go girl!” More screaming, more cheering.What a way to think outside the “box”!

The second place winner, with 85 points is:
“The Little Devils!”
The crowd is going wild! “You rock little dudes!!”

And the FIRST PLACE winner, with a whopping 165 points, earning ‘Mean Mommy’ bragging rights, this year’s Halloween prize goes to:
“Squirrel Baby!!”

The roar of the crowd is deafening! "Congratz squirrel baby!"

We, members of the blogger world, applaud you! Every woman (or man) sitting at their computers, wherever you may be, please applaud all our winners. (To ‘blogger applause’ just tap your right finger on the mouse.)
I wish I could play music and hand you a bouquet of roses, but all I have is cheesy clip art- and I’ll award them to you anyway.
As the FIRST PLACE WINNER, I present you with this colorful clip art rose bouquet!”

WoW. You’re speechless, I know. No trophy could compare. (And ladies- this is where you ‘blogger applause’. )
“To you, SquiRRel BaBy MaMa, you are now free to run a victory lap.” (Dancing in front of your computer counts too.) (I’m betting 9 in 10 that she will do it.)

“I speak for all when I say we all want to pinch her cheeks and kiss them! Congratulations!”
(Just cut and paste your clip art roses and you can print it off on your computer. Hang it up where everyone can see. Spray some perfume on it, so those walking by can ‘scratch and sniff’)

And of course- what are roses without chocolate? I would present you clip art chocolate, but it seems cruel to taunt you that way. What if you decided to scent your chocolate paper just like you did with the roses? What if you got a paper cut eating the paper? What if you printed it off and your husband caught you licking it?
Thatwould beawkward.
So- just ask for double fudge sauce on your ice cream when you get your gift certificate….hmm…I can almost smell the fudge sauce….the smell of the chocolate dipped waffle cone…ahhhh….the candy bar add ins….(chocolate, of course) I think I’m going to stop there. The mental images are making me hungry! It’s enough to make me want to go and ‘sample’ all the ice cream choices, lick the spoon, lick the bowl, lick the ice cream scooper…
(I meant the actual ice cream scooper, the tool they use to scoop the ice cream with- NOT the ‘ice cream scooper’ person.)
That…would be...bad. And incredibly gross. Ugh.

Could you imagine? “I’ll try a sample of the raspberry cheesecake…and one of the cookie dough…oh, and the yummy guy in the worker’s hat, the Italian ‘giletto’. Is he the flavor of the month?”

Wink, wink….

Anyway, moving on….
This is a big thank you to ALL who participated. Even if you didn’t win, be consoled knowing you now have your kid’s Halloween candy buckets to raid while they’re at school. (Ah, come on. Is there a mom or dad out there who doesn’t do that? Honestly?)

Our four winners will all be awarded with ice cream gift certificates. (Make sure to get double fudge sauce- and steer clear of advertized: ‘flavor of the month’….)

One final congratz to Squirrel Baby, Little Devils, Tube of Toothpaste, and the Cat in the Hat! Your gift certificates are in the mail, kiddos.


Dancin Queen said...

That was one scrumptious squirrel! I love that little girl! A very deserving winner!!!

Cute contest, and very entertaining commentary, my funny friend!

Love ya!

tina said...

Baby squirrel wants to thank her public, Mean Mommy University...for hosting the contest, and her squishy-wishy cheeks that made this sqirrel possible.

Thanks again you funny lady you...who makes my day brighter every time I check your blog!!!

ps love the flowers

Heather said...


I so wanted to squeeze that little squirrel baby! And of course gently pinch those cheecks! Looks like all women have an irrisistable, uncontrollabl, and unconcious pull twords babys with big cheecks (both kinds *winks*). We can not resist the pull........