November 22, 2008

Singing Praises

I was visiting a friend’s blog and she had 7 things she was grateful for. Inspired, I think it’s appropriate to list the things that I am grateful for, so I decided to follow suit.

I am grateful for so much, like my husband and our little family. I am in awe at the simplicity of the breath of life—the beating of a human heart and knowing that we are all human--allowed to err and make mistakes. The bumps along the road have taught me that it’s OKAY to not have everything perfect--from children’s unbrushed hair, to wearing unfashionable clothes that seriously need to be thrown away (But I can’t because I bond with them…even the gross onesWHY?!!)

I have come to learned that it's okay not to have an immaculate home or to be a perfect mom. And when the temper slips after life has taken a beating on you and you raise your voice, even when you don’t want to--it’s okay--it happens.

It's the gratitude I feel when my kids forgive me and they come to see that mommy isn't perfect and that she makes mistakes too. Mommy is just like them and she's learning, trying to be better like them. But even more amazing--is our freedom to make a choice, to take control and ask better of ourselves and to apologize, not because we “have” to or because we feel "obligated", it's because we are human, and in doing these things it allows us to refine our naturally good character.

I could go on & on and get all sappy on you, but I wanted to share with you the 7 things that stand out most in my mind…at this particular moment…

1) Soap. Yep, what would the world be without it? We couldn’t wash clothes, the dishes or our hair without it. Nor could we wash our hands...and there are moments when we desperately need to, so we don’t spread infections and pass along sicknesses…
Which, by the way, seems to get passed along to my kids at school (doorknobs, playground equipment) and then they bring it home with them (like it had jumped into their backpack or something...) and then these little pet "bugs" come to share the love and joy with the W-H-O-L-E family. Which leads me into:

2) Anitbiotics. Those wonderful little bottles full of pink goop so thick, so flavored with bubblegum, my kids think they’re getting a treat, rather than medicine. (Finally! I'm singing a chorus of angelic hallelujah's!!! At last we have some smart pharmacists out there that realize kids don’t like medicine that tastes like medicine! When I was a kid, I cried like a 'Boo Boo Baby Doll' every time I was spoon-fed my ‘nasty’ goop.) (for the record-- this doll doesn't exist. ( To my knowledge, anyway) I made this doll up- I thought it was good for discription. Could you imagine a 'Boo Boo Baby Doll? No sane or insane mother out there would buy her!)

Alright, back to the antibiotics-- So, it calms my fears knowing that the pink little “miracle” bottle will cure the raging coughs surrounding me. I place my faith in that thick slop that it will attack and destroy those pesky sick bugs--perhaps even destroy their immune system--but it does not matter! They are being cured, despite the fact they are hunched over the couch, like floppy throw blankets, watching TV with no sign of interest in their eyes as they lie there, like toddler-sized zombie dolls. Which leads me to:

3) Movies. Ah….the power of a good kid movie to suck more life out of them, to keep them hypnotized and entertained. (Not that they need to be entertained, since they would lie motionless on the couch regardless--but what fun is that?)

Movies give me the ability to take a break from their requests for popsicles, Sprite, and ice cream so that I can get things done! I have to say, it’s a challenge when my baby realizes I'm attending to his siblings and he’s not getting all the cuddly attention he’s used to...

And that makes him cling to me like a boa constrictor.

I’m going to confess here…I’ve always wanted a super human-sized growth on my body…like a gigantic mole on my face, but instead, I have to settle for one on my leg (I’m a dermatologist’s dream) At least my growth is removable…but only if it’s persuaded with chocolate chips…and it makes me realize the 4th thing I’m grateful for….

4) That he’s not a conjoined twin.
As the day continues, I get a little worn out playing maid-servant to my sick kiddos and I realize I need a Hershey vacation….

5) Chocolate!

6) Chocolate!

7) Chocolate!

8) Chocolate!

9) Chocolate….I know, it was my ‘7’ thankful things, but I’m a overly-grateful kind of girl. (and an cocoa bean addict) (And my hips will be receiving over-abundant blessings too--as well as the owners of a gym membership…)
Oh well. I’m enjoying my vacation in the kitchen, drowning my taste buds in leftover Halloween candy, so ecstatic to have discovered the mint Three Musketeers bar…(have you tried that one?!!! Holy CROW, that is pure heaven right there….who needs Hawaii, palm fronds and grapes when I have a silky-smooth chocolate bar that demands the pleasure of my mouth to devour it?)

10) Grateful I don’t have to hide to eat it!
As this day progresses into the next, the kids are getting better. Oh, how cute!!! They’re beginning to get their ‘little’ personalities back and they’re starting to fight and resume playing the world’s biggest bully’, vying to be the ultimate winner…I stand back (at a safe distance) realizing the next thing I’m grateful for…

11) That there are no multiples of ANY of my kids. I Love them to bits-- love them even more that there’s only one of them.

12) You know what? I’m going to repeat the last blessing.
13) Heck, I’m going to triple it! "Amen sista!"

In this season of thanks, I realize how amazingly blessed I am. I draw my whooping-coughing children near and give them a huge hug, kissing each of their diseased-infested sick heads, uttering a sincere prayer of gratitude (that I'm not sick yet) and that they have made it alive through 2008- and that mommy did too, and that my sanity stayed in tact…

Well, truthfully, that is still yet to be determined…

14) I feel abundant gratitude for friends and friendship. I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast of 'stuffing-yourself-until-you're-sick-and-completely-regret-it' day.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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