April 20, 2009


My 3 year old pointed to the above picture hanging on my wall. She turned to my husband and said, “Daddy, the little girl is crying. She’s sad.”
“Why is she sad?” my husband asked her.
My daughter’s reply was instant. “Because her daddy said ‘no’.”

Her response was so cute, I thought I would give my kids an imagination test. In a (not so scientific) experiment, I logged into Art.com and brought my children in at separate times to evaluate some pictures I found on their site. These were their responses…

Gotta love this one. So, to begin--I showed them my self portrait. “Do you recognize this picture?" I asked. "Does this picture look like me?”
“No,” my 8 year old automatically said. “She has her hair pulled back into a pony tail—and you don’t wear a pony tail.”

Oh. Well at least we’ve determined that the “it” is a “she”….

“So what is this picture about then?” I asked her.

She answered, “It’s a girl screaming because a shark jumped out of the water--but it was a man in a costume, but she didn’t know that and the shark said, “I’m going to eat you!” and she screamed because she didn’t know that sharks could talk.”


So…….the girl screamed because the shark talked……not because it said it was going to eat her.

What can I say? She gets her imagination from her mother.

My 6 year old took one look at the picture and broke out into peals of laughter. “It’s a 2-headed giraffe head!” She fell onto the floor, overcome with giggles.


I thought this picture was obvious, but according to an 8 year old’s interpretation?

She answered, “When the giraffe was born, its head was weird. The mommy is twisting the head to make his friends laugh.”
Ahhhhh, how sweet. What a loving mother! You know, after all her responses…..I’m starting to get a little worried…

My 8 year old was on a roll so I followed with this picture. “What do you think this picture is about?”

It took her two seconds to respond. “The little girl was playing in the yard and they didn’t have a fence and so she disobeyed her parents and wandered off and an angel had to come down and tell her to go back home and apologize.”

I could use several of those angels at my house…

“What is this one about?” I asked my 3 year old.
“it’s…it’s a he…hi…h…mommy, what is that?”
“It’s a hippo.”
“Yeah! A hippo. And the birds are jumping on its back. The hippo is happy.”

Lucky hippo…..I could use a massage myself….I need to learn how to call the animals to me like Giselle does in ‘Enchanted’…I need to learn how to sing first…

“What is this one about?” I asked my 3 year old.

“A mother and father jumping in the snow.”
(And boy, they sure look like they’re having fun! I’ll be sure to avoid their sledding activities.)

My 8 year old’s reply: “An old man and old woman walking in the snow- they’re mad because their grandchild didn’t obey them.”

My take? A farmer serial killer. Look at that face! He’s gonna eat me! And my, his wife looks thrilled to be wearing pink. And look at the way she’s looking at him…I’m changing my first impression. This picture is about serial killers. Let’s make that plural…

“How about this one?” I asked my 3 year old.

She had a definite answer. “They’re all going to go catch a tiger!”

Dude—If I was that tiger, I’d make like a cheetah and PRAY Noah had some room on that ark to hide me—if not, I’m jumping off that boat.

The oldest and youngest girls were baffled by this picture and could only stare. But no need to fear, my 6 year old was here! She was quick with a reply to this one.
“The cow wants to dance and say toot toot!”
In other words…..the cow was gassy. Yeah, I guess if I were a cow, I would want to wrap a towel around my bodacious bod and shake what my mother gave me because I was a ‘grass-fed happy cow’ singing the “toot toot” song.
My husband could actually serenade me with HIS toot-toot song….

My 8 year old laughed when she saw this one and said, “It tried to put its hair in a Mohawk.”

My 3 year old was positive when she answered, “it’s looking at a bowl of bread.”

Bread? You sure it’s not a girl orangutan? It’s really saying, “hmmm mmm, you luscious bowl of bread, Granny Bread don’t you look fine!”

I scrolled down to the next picture and my 8 year old giggled. “The dog wanted dancing lessons,” she said.

Yeah…because we dog owners all know how our pets frequently annoy us with their requests when they beg us to teach them ballet and ask us to buy them a tutu….
“Yes Cinderella doggie! All your dreams will come true!!”

As for my 3 year old, she suddenly lit up when she saw the picture.

“The puppy is a princess!” she squealed.

An ugly princess at that, may I add....

“What is this one about?” I asked my 3 year old.

She said, “The mouse is jumping because it wants cheese...and the cat is going to eat the mouse.”

According to my 8 year old the picture is about: “The mouse was trying to steal some food and the cat made a trap. (clever cat, by the way. Maybe they’re playing Tom and Jerry…) “And then the mouse stood on the spoon,” she continued, “and the cat hid behind a box and bounced the mouse.”

I threw a really easy one in here—and it confounded my 8 year old. “I don’t know….” she said.

You don’t know? Really?

My 3 year old blanched when she saw the picture. “They’re kissing. Gross.”

This picture had quite the response….

My oldest automatically said, “It was Christmas and Santa put presents in their stockings and the puppies took the 16 children’s presents out, and they jumped in it because they wanted to be more loved than presents.”

Very in-depth….

And my 3 year old’s take?
“The puppies are looking at the porch. They got dirty.” Her eyes grow real wide. “They got too muddy. They did. Their mommy is not happy.” She shakes her little head and then turns to me. “Mommy?” She looks at the computer warily. “They’re looking at me…..they’re looking at me…because they want me to get all wet.”

“And what do you think this picture is about?” I asked my oldest.
She smiled when she looked at the picture and said, “Awww…” she giggled and then said, “The gorilla was just born and they took it from the zoo to take it home and they forgot to feed it, so it started to eat their plants.”

Once again it was my 3 year old’s turn. “What are these?” I asked her.
“A cow…cows….”

“What are they doing?”

“They’re poopy.”

“How about this one?” I asked my 8 year old.

She said, “A cat wanted to take a nap on the string and it knew that the electricity strings are way up high on the poles and are dangerous, so it took off all the clothes on the clothes string and tried to sleep.”

My 3 year old had a different answer and said, “A cat was scared. It’s going to fall off the sky. We have to leave it on (the computer) and save it! We have to save it, okay mom? We have to save the cat! Okay mommy?” she jumps up and down. “Okay mommy? OKAY MOMMY?”

(This sounds like a mission for “DEIGO!”)

“So what is this doggy doing?” I wanted to know, and looked at my 3 year old.

“It’s looking at you!” she laughs—but then abruptly stops. “Mommy, is that gross?” she asked uncertainly, looking between me and the dog.

My 3 year old took one look at this picture and then looked at our dog sitting behind her. She then turned back at the computer with a positive answer.
“It’s a chicken,” she said. “And it’s looking at Aspen.”

"And what about this one?” I ask her, continuing on with our “imagination evaluation.”

“A monkey.” She shakes her head, very solemn. “And it’s not looking at Aspen.”

My 8 year old seems to have quite the imagination so I left this one for her and she was definite about what this true picture was about.

She responded, “The other elephants were being mean so they tooted and walked away.”

My kids are great, aren’t they?! And may I just say--I would HATE to be the photographer who was nature shooting that day…he probably slipped into a coma...

Showing my kids the last photo, I asked my 3 year old, “What is this one about?”

She giggled. “It’s sitting in a cup with milk!”

As for my 8-year-old, she had her eyes creased together as if solving a puzzle as she stared at this one. Finally, “The kitty loves walrus’s so the puppy jumped into the cup and pretended to be a walrus…”

Um…yeah. I don’t get it either. Is this how walrus’s act?
Personally, it’s not my cup of tea.
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Whew. I need a second to wipe my eyes…


AnnieAd said...

Fun pictures, cute comments from the kids, and your commments are pretty funny too! My favorite: the 'chicken'; with the gassy cow coming in a close 2nd.

Heather said...

How I love kids responses! I didn't realize your oldest was quite the expert on pictures. I loved the 3 year responses, she wants to save the animals, better be careful you'll end up with a kid who brings home animals and claims to have "saved" them from freeways (looks at mom who glares at oldest daughter) and kittens who just happen to fall out of closets and the kid have NO IDEA HOW IT GOT THERE!!!

The Farmer's Wife said...

What a fun post! I am rained/snowed in with my preschoolers today, ages 4 and 2, and this is just the game for us!