May 28, 2009

Hiatus Heaven

HoWdy LaDieS!

Okay--so I have taken a little more liberty to the Memorial weekend. I decided to take a week off. It's been NiCe! However, I am fully ready to accept summer is here, kids are out of school, and that my sanity is up for sale like my children's watered-down lemonaid stand going on outside. I am ready to get blogging again!

Tune into Jordan's post at Mean Mommy Academy for GREAT tips on what NOT to do when looking for that perfect family pose for family pictures this year. The horror of some of those pictures make me gasp....especially the family portraits of "normal" looking people posing with a plethora of stuffed animals. Okay, I lied. Some don't look normal. Okay, maybe a few...alright none! But really, stuffed animals? WHY PEOPLE??!!!

I don't get it either.


Next friday MMU and MMA (that would be Mean Mommy ACADEMY--not a Mixed Martial Arts fight club. I felt I should define that. I know this site is a realm for "mean moms," however....)

Starting next week we will begin "Freebie Friday." (NOT Freaky Friday.) So tune in for great giveaways from our "peeps" (A.K.A. great friends) We will do "Freebie Friday" every friday during the summer--like a blessed countdown until school resumes again.

We can do it ladies, we can hold out, it's only eleveen weeks!
We were built for survival!!!

So, may the meltdown begin! Oh wait--I meant countdown! May the countdown begin!

Have a good weekend and stayed tuned, next friday's giveaway is really awesome :)

HaPpy ReaDinG,


Amber Lynae said...

I don't get the days off yet. My little one isn't old enough for school. But she is cute enough for now that I don't mind having her around. ;)

Shannon said...

No kidding. School's out next week for my oldest. I'm trying to figure out what to do to fill the time cuz I'm not the most creative mom. Hoping to do swim lessons & check out this new aquatic center that opens in a few weeks. Camps are just too expensive for our meager earnings. Maybe I need to get more creative. Look into some parks we've never been to. Wish me luck.

pan x 8 said...

I took the Mem weekend off..