May 15, 2009

Jordan, Men, And Awards--OH MY!!

It was only a matter of time before someone blogged about it.


As Jordan says, "Need I say more? I could stop right now and leave this post with just the title, but I feel obligated to continue..."

TUNE in to Mean Mommy Academy to read a story we ALL relate to. Men HAD to know women were going to blog about them eventually, right? They’re a case study. A case we may never crack….


MMU was nominated for an award! *gasp!!!*

The 'One Lovely Blog' award. What can I say? I work hard to ignore my kids to get a blog post up and going! Like Jordan, we love to be silly. We share the same sense of humor. It’s probably because we’re cousins.

Yep—we’re related. (So many things just fell into place for you, huh?) That’s why there’s Mean Mommy University AND Mean Mommy Academy. They’re related—just like us. Although I must say, Jordan got the maturity and the Super Model beauty I wish I had. SoOoOo unfair!

So don’t feel shy about going between our blogs. I write the first half of the week—and she writes for the second half. We share thoughts, we share ideas, and together we share the vision of being as moronically stupid as we can be. (No offense, Jordan, I’ll take the full brunt of that one. LOL.)

So, I just want to say a HUGE thank you. I feel so honored. My first award. *Sigh*
I even took it a step further. I printed it out and framed it. It now sits on my desk.

Which is a good thing……it forced me to clean my desk. I may have run out of ink, printed it in a 4x6 format and placed it in an 8x10 frame—but it doesn’t matter. I can now stare at my paper-hand-made plaque whenever I want and say, "WoW. Words cannot express...."

Thanks Mean Mommy Academy for nominating me!

The rules to such a prestigious award are that I must now award 15 additional bloggers with the same award.
Like Jordan, this is hard for me! I second her when she says she could never be a judge. I couldn’t either! Heavens, this is hard!

Okay…here they are (in no particular order) :

Again, A BIG thank you!! Thanks for the award :)


tracy said...

Thanks Camryn :) Today I was not blogging but at estate sales buying other peoples garbage.

wait, that doesn't sound right...


{jordan} said...

WHATEVER!!!! Woman- you flatter me WAY TOO much. Maybe it's a good thing we live a state away, because then you would see all my MAJOR flaws [adult acne and a ghetto booty being at the TOP of that list]! I snorted when I read 'maturity', I guffawed when I read 'Super Model'- I don't know a DANG one that is 5' even...
Those descriptions belong to you...
And no, I'm right there with you on the 'moronicly stupid' part. Good grief, sometimes I wish that I was born with a different hair color...
Girlfriend you crack me up! I am sooo glad you framed your award- it's so ridiculously cheesy/funny that I am so mad I didn't think of doing that! Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes today [and everyday] ;)

Lori Nawyn said...

Sincere thanks Camryn--you really made my day.

Mama Nut said...

Congrats! I won too! But I'm just not on top of nominating anyone yet... so sue me. Maybe I am just lazy pants.

DeAnna said...

Thanks for the nomination. I am having fun reading all of your posts - no wonder you won an award.


Katy said...

YAY! Thanks Camryn! I am honored, but now there is all this pressure to be one of these blogs that actually deserves an award! Ahhh...performance anxiety strikes again! ;)

Amber Lynae said...

Thank you Camryn. I was so surprised to see my name on someone's list. I still surprised when I find out someone new is reading my blog. My followers have grown very slowly and are few. So I'm honored and I will pass on the love.

Jess said...

I don't quite know what to say...which is odd cause I am never at a loss for words I mean really whenever anyone runs out of things to say they just say, "Jess what would you say in a moment like this?" And I ALWAYS have ideas.... Sorry. See you are not the only one who feels "moronically stupid".

Seriously though I must say thank you so much! I am so appreciative of my readers (all 11 of them, counting my mom in there, btw). I too am growing slowly and I am LOVING it!! I love writing and I love that people actually want to take the time to click that silly little "Follow me" button. Its where I get all my gratification.

I will try to pass on the award and nominate people in return as soon as I get the chance.

Amy said...

Oh I feel so honored!! How fun, thanks! And good job on your award, love that you printed it out, you're seriously GREAT!!

Write Moms said...

Sorry I got the blog name wrong on my site - I fixed it and the link. All I can say is Mom Brain Fart!


Jenni Jiggety said...

Congrats on your award!!!!