June 03, 2009

Jordan's Street

Toilets. French fries on the floor. Hardened cereal. Curtains, couch cushions, and blankets used to make a fort. One very sick, incapable mommy.
WhaT Do TheY HaVe In CoMmon? Absolutely nothing, it was just a random question. Yet, all of these factors ripen into a perfect storm.

Tune in to Jordan's post, the Mean Mommy Academy link on the sidebar. For a minute there, I thought those pictures of her house was mine. I thought my kids were the only ones who obliterated gold fish instead of eating them.

Also--tune in this friday, it will be our first giveaway of the summer. It's super cool and I'm excited!

Be JoYfuL,

Cam :)

1 comment:

tracy said...

lol...i don't know why but that post totally cracked me up!