July 24, 2009


THIS, ladies of the bloggerworld, is our Fancy Free Friday Giveaway!

Warm and Fuzzy has so many adorable items on sale right now! Hilda, of Warm and Fuzzy, says she'll always offer the crochet patters, but you better hurry if you want a hat already made because she probably isn’t going to make any more. So get the hats while you still can!!

Her beautiful crochet pattern is delicate, and yet definitely the hand of a masterful crotchet artist! Detail is definitely not an afterthought as every item is carefully crocheted with great care and talent.

Warm and Fuzzy even offers eco-friendly, organic items like beanies and booties!

This set is only $12.00 !

You can even purchase the pattern if you want to choose your own yarn and make it yourself! Warm and Fuzzy’s prices are down-to-earth and reasonable. Do you have family pictures coming up? Or maybe you want to spruce up a little girl’s outfit?
Right now, warm and fuzzy is having a sale on a Picot Infant Baby Sunhat.

Guess how much? Okay, I’ll just tell you. Three dollars, girls!
I know, I tried not to squeal either!

Check this out!

I heard it! I just heard you say, "awwww....." (I couldn't help but saw "awww" too!) How beautiful is this?! Too bad the baby doesn’t come with the hat, she is just so adorable I would take her too if she were part of the package….
I love chubby-cheeked babies!

This Beanie and Scarf Set is a Crochet Pattern for Newborn to 5T. With the crochet pattern, you can make scarf’s, headbands, hats….etc.
Her price? $5.95
That deal is so good, I'm willing to go buy the pattern and teach myself how to crochet! If you're so anxious to check out the Warm and Fuzzy store right now, to check out crochet patterns or already made hats, booties, and headbands, click here!

Warm and fuzzy even has vintage patterns for a timeless look.

School is coming up…….these beautiful products will surely hold up. I am already thinking of ordering a few for school pictures!
So, to win this beautiful beanie hat below--(already made, not the pattern)

Please leave a comment about the sweetest, cutest, or funniest thing your little angel has said recently, or in the past.

This is not one to stress about. Anything a little kid says is downright innocent and adorable!
Don't forget to check out Jordan's blog to see if you won if you entered the contest for the Twilight necklace. Click here!

Good luck!

*Contest for the beanie hat ends July 30th


Renee G said...

My favorite was when we went to a wedding recently. Leading off the ceremony was the ringbearer and flower girl. My son looked over at them and then said "I thought you had to be older to get married."

Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was when we passed through the store block buster and she said mom do they sell blocks there


Anonymous said...

awwhh... those are precious!

H. said...

Thank you for featuring mt shop. I am working on my website now. Thank you.

tina said...

Ok LOVE LOVE LOVE the hats. I need a few.

My youngest a few months ago had watery eyes. She said in a panicked voice, " my eye is blooding" I chuckled and said ," no honey, it is just watering." she then replied, "I need to drink my eye."


Ashley Dawn said...

My six year was hot and mildly sweating and she wipes her forehead with the back of her arm and goes "Sheesh, Im sweatin' like a stack of pancakes!!"

Mama Nut said...

My little guy (2) said to me the other day, "Mommy, go bye bye in car Wal-Mart!" Now it's pretty pathetic when some of your kids first words is Walmart. LOL.

Love the hats!!!