July 17, 2009


Friday is the best day of the week. This is the day I live for. I'm thinking we should organize a petition that would ban Mondays so that we could have more Fridays in the week. Hmmm.....I'm liking the sound of that.

Friday is also the day where we reveal the winner of last week's contest and announce our new sponsor. If you want to skip this part and walk on over to Jordan's blog at MMA to see our cool giveaway this week, click here.

But if you're looking for cheap entertainment, then feel free to stay as I post my tribute to our Twilight giveaway....

Sit back ladies, and don't eat as you watch this...I can't give you heimlich from my side of the computer screen...

I swear, Devon is hysterical. Her acting is soooo funny. She has a Harry Potter spoof of Harry with ADHD--funny stuff!

But now, it's time to reveal last week's contest winner. Thank you Random.org for picking another winner for me. All your comments were great! Like some of you, I've had my share of going a long time without shaving my legs too...weeks had turned into a month or two, (YIKES! Man, do I feel like a woman...) but I was in high school and super lazy during the winter. Only if I had P.E. did I shave. I know ubberly lazy, but I'm putting those days far behind me ;)

Thank you again Random.org for using it's awesome scrambling power and it picked comment giver: #1

Mommy Mert!

The question was: How long have you gone without shaving your legs and why?

She wrote: Maybe 2 or 3 days... I admit, it grosses me out to have the daddy long leg hairs.

CONGRATZ to you Mommy Mert!

Please contact me at: theriver20@yahoo.com to get the information you need to get your loot and to pick out a Mean Mommy Bragging Right's button.

I just want to extend a big thank you to Cozy Moments for their generosity for donating The Beautiful Bella Body Butter. Check out their awesome store here.

Thanks to everyone who entered. There is still a chance to win some more fun Twilight giveaways on MMA. Check out what we're giving away here!

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