September 08, 2009

Labor Day

Deciding to take the Labor Day weekend a little too seriously, I've decided to take off the whole week. I'm feeling a little burned out with chores, cooking, canning, cleaning (wow...these all start with the letter "c"...) bills, yard work, rearranging the garage, kids, kid's homework, hiding from said kids, tapping into my inner calm--(do mom's have that? Well, I'm trying to find mine :)

From playing with the fam, hiking, visiting with wonderful friends, it's been a LONG and exhausting weekend. If you're in need to relate, unwind, laugh, or to catch up on some great fun stories, may I recommend: Jordan's post HERE, and the always funny Cake Wrecks HERE.

Have a good week everyone!



Christie Gardiner said...

You're a funny girl!

Designs By Mikel said...

Good for you.. .your posts always make me smile.. thanks for that!

pan x 8 said...

Know what you mean.. we took a weekend trip that was way too much for that little weekend..