November 19, 2009


The next 24 hours is gonna suck. Literally.

For all you vampire-loving girls heading out to the new Twilight movie--kiss the screen for me, won’t you?
(I’ll give you a $100 dollar bill if you take a photo of it and send it to me. There’s no catch. I’ll send you a $100 dollar bill and a “get out of jail free” card from my supply of monopoly money. :)


I will be going Saturday afternoon—celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary at the movie theater. (My husband, who couldn’t locate a decent proxy, will enthusiastically be sitting beside me, trying not to act like he has a severe case of diaper rash as he fidgets for 2 ½ hours.)

My obsession isn’t THAT bad, right?

Um……….*insert excited and awkward giggle here.*

I even had a picture taken with Rob awhile back. You're jealous now, aren't you? I wasn’t going to share it until the perfect moment presented itself. Now is one of those times and I feel like bragging. Feast your eyes on this, ladies.

Neiner, Neiner.
Edward/Rob....yeah. We go WAY, WAAAYY back.

Okay, so I have no Photoshop capabilities. (Jordan is the one with the mad photoshop skills.) And my obsession is as thick as Crisco clogging every artery running through my system as if I had reversed lipo surgery, but—the story is fascinating. I’ll admit, I got caught up in all the fan fare. Reading the books and watching the movie is the only time I feel giddy enough to be a blood donor :)
BTW—I’m team “both”. How can you choose between Edward and Jake? They’re both great men! Although, yes……..I do tend to lean into Edward—I mean, er—lean toward the Edward side.

Ha ha ha h…..

I am dying to know how good it is. The first movie was just “alright” to me. But this second movie looks killer.
(pun intended.)

Please, PUH-LEASE leave me a comment and let me know how you liked the movie! I’m dying to know. (As is my husband.)

Nothing screams: “I love you, honey. Happy anniversary! I’m glad I married this fanatical woman who has attended the Twilight Saga two years in a row on our anniversary, and who is hoping for more in the future….”

But I haven’t let him down completely—I’ve planned ahead, like we women tend to do. I’ll kindly haul my hubby into the theater with a HUGE tote bag filled with bribery treats, juice, straws, and toys like his phone with wi-fi access and let him surf the web while I watch. (Does anyone else have a similar plan?)
I’ll try to keep a good eye on him when it’s not on Edward or Jake to make sure he isn’t picking his nose out of boredom.

Happy anniversary to my awesome hubby—he truly is the best daddy and hubby out there. He’s so patient (…and tolerant…) and loving (…obedient….) to attend with me. I love you, babe! Thanks for a great 12 years and counting!

To all you fanatical Twi-hards, feel free to give me an update on your movie-going experience. Heck--rate it like a 5 star hotel, 5 being the best!

If it’s a 0………then that bites. (Ha ha, all these dumb puns.)

My husband requests a report card so he can enter the movie theater with a little bit more momentum than my foot kickin’ him down the movie aisle. (Nothing like the "ole' ball and chain" to get you down that movie aisle, huh?)

Have a fun and thrilling weekend ladies! And don’t forget to check out Jordan’s post while waiting for the clock to turn every hour. We’ve only been waiting a year…and now it’s only hours away!! To help you pass the time, read Jordan’s funny story of how she is combating potty training with her 2 year old. It makes you bond with her because not only is her story relatable, but humorous. I admit, I had to stifle a few giggles because I’ve been there myself with three kids now. Kiddo #4 and all his 'boy-missing-toilet' adventures awaits me next year….

Check out her story here, and if you're craving to know MMA's mascot, theme song, and super heroes, check out Jordan's new post here!
If you get a chance, please update me if you’ve seen the movie!!
(mY HuSbaNd SinCerLy ThaNks YoU!.)

Have a great weekend!


Jess said...

I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!

I will be there with a group of some 215 women that I know thru mutual friends (ie wards in our stake). We rented out the theatre just for us & bought our tickets a couple of months ago!!! I will be there around 10 tonight to help with games, prizes, set up & activities! I CANNOT wait!!

Yes I do need therapy. ;^)


Emmy said...

I am so excited too! I am going tomorrow at 7:30 with my wonderful hubby. We actually watched Twilight again last night, to be all prepared.. and as I gave my commentary about different histories and other stuff you find out in the book he said he was almost tempted to read the books!!!

I too really like both Jacob and Edward but in the end it is Edward all the way.

Shan B. said...

I'm going tonight at 12:02 & am freaking out because I think we are going to go even earlier so we don't get a crappier in the front row. Anyway I think this one will be WAY better than Twilight & I'm so excited. Getting more & more anxious as the night goes on & it's only 5:30 my time. I'll let you know as soon as I can but won't give anything away!! Oh & thank you for knowing how to spell "aisle".

Amber Lynae said...

Happy Anniversary on Saturday. I to am very excited to see New Moon. I still need to buy a ticket though. Scary isn't it. That might be hard to do.

Amo said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you now, too! I hate to admit it, but I have never read any of the Twilight books! I want to, and I own the first one, I just can't find the time to read anymore! By the time my son goes to bed, I just want to veg out on the couch, watching mindless tv. It's terrible, I know. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Shan B. said...


trublubyu said...

thanks for visiting my blog- yours is way fun.

i must confess: i have not read the twilight series. can i still visit your blog?

hope you enjoy the show.

Camryn said...

Trublubyu--of course you can still visit! If you do decided to take up some light reading, may I suggest the first book? The first was my fav. It really is THAT good :)

Shan B.--Thanks for the update! I still have to wait another 24 hours to go see it!

My husband THANKS YOU for the report card!

Melissa said...

As if I wasn't already crazy excited for my 7:30 showing tonight! It's going to be amazing!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I love your creativity and humor!


wittygal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I being human had to check yours out too, SO CURIOUS!
O.K., Good luck being loyal to Edward during this movie. I am talking make a stay at home mom of to many kids scream like a little girl. MAN TAYLOR IS HOT!!!

Shan B. said...

Camryn...there's so much more that I could say to help your husband but let's just say it was better than Twilight & I will be seeing it again & it does differ from the book slightly in some areas, but still great. Sorry to leave another comment. I'm bored & soooo tired. I should go take a nap but alas my husband will be home soon & we all need to eat. Thank goodness my mil is bringing dinner home. Have a blast!! & yes Jacob looks hot for a 17 year old but I will always love Edward more!! :)

Camryn said...

Ah, don't apologize. Leave as many comments as you like :)

I hope you found use for your gorgeous "Twilight" bag you won to the movie! :)

I wish I had one....I still covet that bag....

I hope you get some sleep. My turn is tomorrow! Thanks for letting us know--I can't wait!

Amy said...

Hey tell me how it is girl, I am SOOO jealous, can't even hardly stand how bad I want to go. It's okay to take a newborn to a swine infested movie theatre isn't it??? Ha Ha, that's my problem, so I have to live through my friends to know how it is. I've heard great things, hope you like it too. Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Mrsblogalot said...

Oh Camryn, I am soooooo jealous of that picture I had to cut out your face and put mine in!!!!!! Sorry...all is fair in love and obsession (-: xoxooxMelyssa

Us and Them Make 10! said...

Happy Be-lated Anniversary!!
New Moon was wonderful!! I love that you have the same obsession as I.Edward is a sparkly dream man!! {wish mine would sparkle!} Love the blog!!