December 21, 2009


You’ve seen Dasher, and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen,
Yes, they are the chosen and now famous few,
But showing today, especially for YOU.

Are the ones who did not make the reindeer-line cut,
Some were just weird, others quite off their nut.
We’ve pulled from the archives a few of our fav’s,
Hope you enjoy them, we think they’re a rave!

You’ll never see:

Picker, Tripper, or Greasy....

Or Sticky, or Sleepy...

or Freaky and Geeky...

But the two who made Santa run off in a fright,
Make us laugh and cry out, but not in delight!

There were those who tried hard, but just couldn’t compete,
They scared off the reindeer, which was quite a mean feat...

Miss Prissy auditioned for a spot on the line,
But her look was distracting, dressed up to the nines!

And Porky and Chubby were a round, tubby sight,
But alas, the sleigh’s lift-off was hampered in flight.
(Too many reindeer cookies...)

And a reindeer named ‘pooper’ just wouldn’t be cool,
The others would shun her at reindeer-line school.

Some tried and they failed to get chosen for duty,
Although they thought they had a right handsome ‘booty’.

There was one contender who fought her way in,
But we all know that Santa says, “cheating’s a sin.”

So I think we’ll agree that Santa was right,
When he chose from the best on that first Christmas night.
Rudolf leads them with pride, and we all love them, too,
So be grateful he didn’t include “you-know-who”!

Have a Merry, Merry Christmas everybody!!


Emmy said...

Lol! Awesome love it. Those are some interesting reindeer.

MommyMert said...

Excellent! :) HOpe your having a Merry Week...

Us and Them Make 10! said...

That is great!! Have a great Christmas!

Lali Johnson said...

Very Clever! And I don't know about you, but a reindeer names Pooper would just be fun. who really needs a Rudolph anyways :)

Vivianne's Vista said...

Your posts always bring me a smile! You definitely have a way with photos! Happy Holidays!

AnnieAd said...

Freaky and Geeky are hilarious. Makes you wonder what the '3rd' string would look like!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Cute, crazy, creative photos! What inspired that tradition, if it is one?