February 22, 2010

My Monday Giggle

I was helping my daughters get ready for school when one of them said to the other, “Wash your face, and be careful around your wart.”
“I don’t have a wart!” the other sister shouted.
“Yes, you do. That thing on her face,” she said, pointing to her sister’s neck.
“It’s a mole!” the sister told her.
“No, it’s not!” the younger exclaimed. “A mole is an animal, so if it’s a mole, you’re wearing an animal on your face!”

Who doesn’t love a good sisterly rivalry first thing in the morning?

Switching gears—last night as my husband and I were watching the Olympics, (It’s the only thing I’ve done every night since it started. I’m an Olympic junkie!) We saw this commercial and couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe it’s an older commercial, maybe it’s a newer one, but neither of us has seen it. I l-o-v-e ridiculous and silly commercials. This gave me a good laugh and I wanted to share. :)


Amber Lynae said...

Who needs friendemies when we have sisters. We love them but they love to pick.... The commercial is funny thanks for the laughs.

Emmy said...

Gotta love sisters. Love her mole comment :)

Becky said...

Ha haa haa we have a lot of that at our house! I love that it was the younger sister with the comeback!!

Rachel Sue said...

Love the new layout.

That is hilarious. I love listening to my girls chat. It is so random!