March 22, 2010


I was inspired by I’m Not a Volcano’s confession. (I don’t know her first name—so I’ll call her Mama Hottie! :) )

Her post was super hilarious! She was talking about making a REAL confession—not the confessions like allowing your kids to eat chocolate cake for breakfast or taking a nap if you need one. What kind of a confession is that?

Really. Who hasn’t done those things?

Inspired by her fun post, I decided to make my own confession.

Camryn's confession: (of many sure to follow :))

I hate to kiss my kid’s owies.

No really, I get bugged if they get hurt after I have warned them NOT to do something.

In fact, with four kids, I can’t keep up with all the owie, head bangin’, knee scrapin’, lego-and-barbie-parts-chucked-at-my-head hurts and pains of every day life! I just can’t keep up with it when they are 9 and younger. So, I hatched this brilliantly wicked plan.

I taught my kids how to kiss their own owies.

When they get hurt, this is how I handle it. If they come whimpering for a kiss, I just remind them to ‘kiss it better’.

(Of course there are exceptions—like the bad injuries. What I’m talking about is the minor injuries like the: ‘Bisquick threw an Oreo at my head and it hurt!’)

I can’t help but laugh every time they kiss their own owies. It’s especially funny when they hurt their derriere and they spin circles like a dog chasing its tail, growling in frustration because they can’t reach it with their puckered lips.

I dare you to try it.

(Not chase your derriere—THAT would be embarrassing.)

Try getting your kids to kiss their own owies. It’s an awesome time saver!

What kinds of things do you find yourself doing? And please, no comments like: you haven't done your kid’s hair in 48 hours and they're still wearing their clothes since Saturday.

Been there. Done that.

(And my kid is even wearing her clothes backwards.)

Take a Dr. Phil moment and liberate yourself. The rest of us mean moms want to know what you do!


Heather said...

OH niiiice!!! I love it! I actually taught my daughter(who is now in highschool)when she was little to kiss her own owie, she was CONSTANTLY bumping, scrapping, touching yuckie stuff (that qualified as an owie to be kissed) and she was my only one at the time but all day it was kiss this, kiss that. So after the 100th kiss of owies in one day I told her, mommy is busy I can't, why don't you kiss it better. She did and said it worked. So everytime she wailed and cried out I would say..."KISS IT BETTER HONEY" she would and be happy again. It was great!
Thankfully my boys don't need me to kiss their owies, since they seem to think the more you have the better and they compete with each other on how many cuts, brusies, and bumps one human body can have at one time.

Emmy said...

Oh I am so right there with you! I seriously have very very little sympathy when my kids get hurt... especially if it is something I told them not to do.. "I told you so" will often leave my lips... not very nice I know, but well, yeah.

My son will let me kiss it better after he is done freaking out, but my daughter has to have a bandaid, drives me insane!

Anonymous said...

Kiss your own owie... the ROCKS!!!

I'm gonna have to think about what I do, or do not do :)

But, I'll get back to you :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm back... as promised :)

So, I blogged about this a while back but it's fun to bring it up again!

I was having one of those days. Woke up that morning with a RAGING 'girlie' problem. Pretty much wanted to stay in bed ALL DAY! We had playgroup that morning at 10, and if my kids don't get out of the house at least once a week, they pretty much try to kill each other instead. So, I was scrambling to get them ready to go. I asked my 3 year old to get ready as I proceeded to dress the baby. I asked my 3 year old again to get ready as I dressed my 2 year old. When I was done, my 3 year old WAS STILL NOT READY. I LOST IT!!

"Get your f-ing shoes on right now!!" (I actually said 'f-ing, not the actual word).

I walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, he came around the corner, fully dressed :)

"Mom,, I have my f-ing shoes on! And my f-ing jacket, and my f-ing socks..."

Yeah, I laughed!

Amy said...

Hey cute neighbor! So I don't have any confessions, I have to say I'm a perfect mom! HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!! I have too many, I would by typing all day, but it's so great to see that other people have their "moments!" too! Hope things are good over there, we're good here, finally everyone is feeling good. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!