March 01, 2010


This blog is now considered scrap. Notice the ‘S’.
S-C-R-A-P—not ‘crap’. I know there are some who beg to differ—but the award from Amy at: proves otherwise.

Awwww. Thanks, Amy!

There are blog rules that apply here. I get to list ten things about myself that will make you either:

A-- Turn off your computer now.

B-- Sigh, roll your eyes, and go surf Facebook as we speak.

C-- Didn’t really come to visit my little corner of the blog street to read this much, but feel compelled in doing so because, heck—I’m a nut and you’re still trying to sort out what nutshell fits this nutcase. ‘Is she a beechnut, a chestnut, a coconut, or a donut?’.

In answer to that—there are many sides to me—but I would prefer if those sides came with chocolate and caramel. :)

Hee hee he h….

I get a kick out of being stupid. See, now I’m being a dumbnut! :)

Anyhoo—I figure that just took up 4 things I needed to list—or maybe it explained too much…

Either way, #5-- I’m a big fan of thrift stores. I’m all about scoring a deal and finding ‘the diamond in the rough’, so to speak. I love to find stuff and fix it up.

(The before picture isn't the same dresser, but it was the same color. I forgot to take a 'before' picture, dangit!)

Even funnier—if not creepy—I had NO IDEA Jordan refinished furniture too!

#6— When I was a teenager, I accidently hit a middle-aged man in the forehead with a tampon box at the grocery store. Some stories are best left untold.

#7—when I was 16, a couple of cute boys at a party asked me what my ‘sign’ was. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about so I raised my hand and spread my index and middle finger apart and made a 'V' and said, “Peace”. They thought I was hilarious. I thought they were stupid.

#8— I wear a size 3 shoe. Yep.

Last year I bought ballet flats at Walmart and they are 2 ½.

My great grandmother was a size 1 when she died in her 90’s. Small feet run in the family.

#9—I got married at 18—four months shy of 19. I met my husband 6 days after my high school graduation. We were engaged 6 weeks later, married after 4 months of dating, thwarting my future plans which were….

#10—I was saving money to move to California to work at Disneyland, hoping to be the next Disney princess to walk the theme park. I was going to wear beautiful ball gowns, take pictures with kids who adored me at my wanna-be castle, sign autographs with lipstick kisses, and do it all while walking hand-in-hand with my Prince Charming. (I just happened to meet him WAY sooner than I had expected!) Which was okay because soon my mind went berserk and I realized, ‘what if I had become Aurora and loathed my designated Prince Charming but I had to walk with him all day long and I ended up crushing on Aladdin with his six-pack instead?’

I could see the scandal in the faces of the children who would see their beloved Aurora feeding grapes to Aladdin while flying around on his magic carpet while sleazy Prince Charming was hitting on all the hotties, walking the park and adding numbers to his little black book. That isn’t the fairytale kids have watched and come to believe in.

What can I say? I dream in fairytale land. And I was fortunate to have found my Prince Charming 6 days after my high school graduation. And it’s a good thing he found me and saved me from myself! Aladdin may have a carpet, but my prince and I rode off into the sunset in a Ford Escort.

Okay, now the fun part!

I get to award the Honest Scrap award to ten people.

I always feel so bad selecting just a handful. There are so many fun and great blogs out there! I hate leaving people out and hurting feelings because my personality is to include everyone. So, because I like to be untraditional, I’m going to award these differently.

The Honest Scrap award goes to:

The first ten people who actually read this all the way through.

Pat yourself on the back, rub your eyes and go massage them with some Visine, you made it!! You won yourself an award!

(I especially want to award this to anyone who hasn't been offered an award yet!)

Thanks to the many awesome followers who continue to tune in each week and share a laugh with either myself or Jordan. It’s therapy, really…a place where Mean Moms can collaborate.

Thank you again for stopping by!


Jess said...

I am thoroughly jealous of your dainty little feet! Mine before kids were a sz 6, post kids they are an 8!!!

I LOVE to refinish furniture as well! I haven't done it in a while & now you & Jordan have both made me feel that "itch"!

I am certain that Captain Awesome will NOT be happy to hear any of this. ;D

MommyMert said...

Very cute. :) Love it.

Emmy said...

Okay so how tall are you?? You have seriously little feet. This was fun to read :)

Amber Lynae said...

Your feet are tiny. I might be able to fit my hand in your shoe. I wear 9s....

I have furniture that needs refinishing, and walls that need painting, and a house that needs cleaning... but anyway. It is good to see some awesome work. It is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Size 3!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!
That's freakishly small my friend :)

Amy said...

Okay so I'm with everyone else, size 3, REALLY!! How great that you get to shop in the kids section, CHEAPER!!! And hey that goes along with you being thrify huh? I love catching up with your amazing blog, so so fun!

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...


You slut.


AnnieAd said...

Camryn's sister thought she was an odd duck with size 8 feet, but it turns out she is the 'normal' one.

Heather said...

hey I have size 5 feet (another of camryns sisters) I just have to wear 7's and 6's because I inherited the WIDE LOAD....err...WIDE WIDETH foot! I'm a 3 in the boys section, does that count?

I had NO IDEA of your future plans when you met your hubby, I had to read that twice! I get that scrap award? I don't have a blog, but I read one, or two..or more.....

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

LOL. That sounds like a fun award. Bummer I missed it.

I TRULY wanted to be a disney princess too. But I was terrified of living somewhere where I didn't know anyone. SHame. I should have had more guts.

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Oh! I guess I didn't miss it....For some reason I was thinking I saw "8" people, not 10...YAY!

Kurt+Amy said...

WOW I can't believe how tiny your feet are that's crazy!! You lucky lucky girl! I'm so gald you did the post I always enjoy reading yours and Jordans blog. You too are so hilarious. Oh and the master one was meant for both of ya, I figure you 2 are a package deal. ha ha. I was commenting to Jordan about her refinish skills and now I see you have them too! I have a project waiting in the wings so any advice you can pass my way will be much appreciated! Have a great wkend! ♥

Megan Champion said...

Haha... I was trying to figure out if you had taken off the ability to make comments :-)

I loved the tacos... YUM