May 13, 2010


OKAY--I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG, LONG time. Puh-lease check it out for a good belly laugh--complete with heartfelt pictures drawn by Jordan's adorable son. These are the moments that make mommyhood so dang worthwhile! {Click here.} *click!* {I had to throw in sound effects. Because I can't tell or write a story without them. :)}

Also, check out Jordan's first post as a mmb contributor. You'll have to clink on the link to see what it is....I'm not going to give it away!

Seriously, how talented can one person be? Rather, how can someone have a plethora of talents and perfect each one? It's sooooo not fair.

And one thing Jordan won't tell you--the girl can sing. No, really. I'm not saying that because she's my cousin. We come from a very musical family. It's in the blood. If I remember correctly-- Jordan will correct me if I'm wrong--but I think she recieved a scholarship from collage to continue her mad talent in the arts, but the girl found a boy, lassoed him in, and ran off to go get hitched instead.

She lived happily ever after...

Most days.


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jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

LOL! Girl, you can tell my life story anytime cuz you make it sound SOOO much better than it really is!

Actually I didn't get a scholarship, which is why I went to work instead of school, where I happened to meet Mr. Right and the rest is history...

Apparently I'm not THAT good. ;)

Love ya chica! Thanks for the awesome plugs and dose of blushing each week!