April 18, 2011


My 8 year old loves to come and put her hands on my big belly and ask, “Is the baby moving?”

She does this a lot. It’s just exciting for her to know that our family will be adding another little sister for her to play dress-ups with and do hair and make-up.

The other night, she put her head on my big tummy and said, “I want to hear the baby cry.”

I said, “The baby doesn’t cry at this point. Besides, she is surrounded in water. You wouldn’t be able to hear her if you tried.”

My 8 year old stared at me quizzically. “The baby is breathing water?”

“In a sense, yes,” I told her.

She gasped as she jumped to her feet. Her eyes were huge and round as she screamed out with excitement, “MOM IS HAVING A MERMAID!!!!”

“Unless,” my 10 year old quips, “it really is a boy…”

My 8 year old gasps again. “THEN IT’S A MERMAN! AND THOSE ARE RARE!!!!”

Seriously, how cute and funny can kids be? :)


Rachel Sue said...

I love it. I simply love it. That should be framed and hanging on your wall. HA!

Suz Wheatley said...

OH that's fantastic! When I was pregnant last year I took my 5 year old to an ultrasound appointment with me. The first shot he saw on the screen was of the baby's spine...he shouts..."mom's having a DINOSAUR?" I thought the ob was going to die right there laughing.