May 24, 2011


And…..I’m still here. Sheesh. What does it take to have a baby these days?! I’ve been in “minor” labor for two weeks now. It just isn’t progressing. Isn’t this the stage where all pregnant women want to scream, cry, and try desperate measures to have a baby? I’m at the point now where I’m willing to jump on the tramp upside down and drink cayenne pepper soda while singing the national anthem in German.


For my mom, it was peach cobbler that started her labor. Um……..I REALLY like that method. In fact, I’m just about to whip me up a batch to see if it works! Maybe it’s hereditary….

How about you? Do you have tricks that have helped jump-start your labor? Any fun suggestions to get things going? I’m getting impatient. The 9th month is always the worst, isn’t it?? Here’s to crossing my fingers that something will work! :)


MommyMert said...

Oh... you know my suggestions. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was totally thinking about you today and wondering if you were a new mommy again.

I hate the waiting at the end. Well, it isn't so much as waiting as "get-the-H-out-of-me" we all experience! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that has either uber-complicated pregnancies and baby has to be born asap or I bitch and moan (pardon the language but whine and moan just didn't seem adequate) enough and my docs give in. I am a firm believer of membrane stripping though. And walking. Target. Malls. Ikea. Any place with food, bathrooms, and the opportunity to get your mind of the pregnancy (or shope) are excellent distractions.

With B, I thought about jumping on my trampoline too. But then I realized the pain from that would totally not be worth it.

I heard fresh pineapple works for some, btw. You could try that?

Good luck and I can't wait for your announcement that she's here!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS: I totally did not mean to write "shope"... whatever the heck that is. I meant shop.


Princess Hippopotamus said...

Yoga squats. After 45 minutes of yoga squats my water broke 8 hours later and baby was born 12 hours after that. You have to relax allllllll your middle muscles.

Suz Wheatley said...

With my first NOTHING I did worked. I tried anything and everything that was suggested to me and Nada! He finally showed up two weeks late and over 10 pounds and got stuck on the way out. So on the last two we opted for an iduction on the due date. They were both still really big but not unmanageable. I am a miserable preggo. I always went into it saying I am going to enjoy this and cherish it. Which I did...until the 9th month. And then I was a miserable mess. I feel your pain sister! Hope your next post include pictures of your newest bundle of joy.