September 25, 2011


 5 kids keep life busy.
Enough so, I actually forgot that somewhere out there in cyberspace, I had a blog.

My baby is now 4 months old. Already?! 
Bittersweet to see the infant stage pass as we go now into baby stage. She's laughing, cooing, loving the fact that she has toes and knees that appear out of nowhere and dangle above her head, just out of reach that she can't get them.

I've been thinking about Halloween. Usually, our family does a theme and we all dress up. Last year we were pirates. The year before we went as Robin hood and Maid Marian with their future children and pet skunk. (My son. He refused to wear anything other than that costume.)

This year....I'm feeling a little like....

Yeah. Something like this.
I'm not really into it. (Don't you love my daughter's face in this? I love her look of disgust.)

One daughter want to go as an army girl, the other wants to be a vampire fairy, (interesting mix, I know), and the other wants to be a cat, my son a car, my husband wants to be a vampire.


I want to be cool....

Like this cool.

I thought of going as Octomom--(again)--but that's sooooo last year.

Looks a little Spaceball-ish, don't you think? (You've seen that movie, right?!)
Hey--I won an award for this, I'll have you know. I forget what category. Probably the: "WHAT THE #$%@!..." category. :)

I'm trying to think of something fun I can do with my baby. Like be a chef and the baby be dressed as a lobster. But dude, I don't want to be a chef! I'd rather us reverse costumes and I be the lobster! I really am serious....but I don't think they sell Lobster costumes in adult size. Honestly, could you picture a lobster my size walking down your neighborhood street?

I like to be off-the-wall. That's just one thing to know about me. I don't like to be serious.  

I thought of going as a Kangaroo--dressing my baby as my "joey". But let's be honest. I can't hop. Nor will I. And this white girl can't jump. And we'd look stupid. Really, a Kangaroo?

I've always, ALWAYS dreamed of going as a sumo wrestler for Halloween. I've been trying to talk my hubby into that one for years now. He won't do it. Because he knows just for sport, I'll trip him while we waddle down the sidewalk and I'll jump on him--give the neighbors a good show.
He's afraid of blackmail.
And the simple fact that well, what an dork Halloween brings out in me.
Besides, most sumo wrestling costumes are blow-up. If I did jump on him in an all-impressive Kung-Fu Panda move, I'd probably pop a butt cheek or something.

I've got it! GASP! I can't believe I didn't think of it before!

I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I come up with. :)

How about you?
Have you thought about what you want to be or your kids? Do you make your kid's costumes or buy? Any off-the-wall and fun ideas out there? DO you dress up? I would love to know!


Kayli said...

Yay! A post! I thought you had fanished into motherhood or something! Just kidding, 5 kids is BUSY! My 7 month old looks like Jack Jack from the Incredibles, so I am thinking of him doing that and me being Cari the babysitter! My other little one might be a shark again since he didn't get to use his costume last year on the account of rain and a cold. I am so excited to see what you come up with!!

MommyMert said...

OH... I love ya. hahaha... Jake and Alexa are going to be Flynn Rider and Rapunsel. Rae is Little Red Riding Hood. But really I should make her the camelion huh? Theme it out? Go figure. Ive always wanted to be a witch. I just may do it this year. I have lots of sewing ahead of me. ;) I am calling you 2-day! Expect a phone call.

Jess said...

When my kids were little we did the theme but the last 2 years they have refused to do a theme. The hubby & I usually try to coordinate... one year we were Jack Skellington & Sally, the next we were Jason & Grant from Ghost Hunters (TV show on Syfy). He even shaved his head so he could be Jay. Last year we did not dress up as I was super sick the entire month of Oct. No idea what we're doing this year. Can't wait to see what you come up with. ;)

jaacs said...

My husband wont dress up for Halloween (I know! Bum.mer!) we never do a theme. I don't normally dress up, but this year I will. I've decided to go as Mrs. Potato Head and found one of the three-eyed alien costumes for our 7mos old. Should be easy enough to make my part....and, I don't know...seems cute.

Our two oldest, both girls, keep changing their minds. As of now, the three-year old wants to be Kringer the Battlecat from He-Man (Netflix has allowed us to introduce that awesomeness into their young lives) and the five-year old wants to be Toph from the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon. I'll give them another couple weeks to mull it over before I have them commit to just one and remind them, again, that there is only ONE Halloween and Mama isn't making multiple costumes. lol.

Kayli said...

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Alice Minori said...

i know where she got the vampire fairy from!!!!! i gave her that idea!!!!! oh my gosh im going to dress up as a vampire fairy too!!! she can be my little minion muwahahahahahaha!!! oh and about your son, he REALLY liked being my pet dragon up at camelot
NO JOKE! he came up to me and tugged on my dress saying 'can i be your pwet?'
i almost died! he was so cute!
haha and i do love spaceballs.....

but yes i have thought of what to be and im thinkg elf or elven vampire? i dont know yet xD and normally we BUY our costumes oooooh how i wish i could just thow one together but i cant =(