November 01, 2011


October is a busy month for me.
Aside from celebrating 2 of my kids' birthdays 4 days apart from each other, and the typical Halloween parties and such, our neighborhood hosted a Trunk-r-Treat.

Of course I decorated my trunk!
How could I not?

My morbid creativity juices did not fail me.

In that green bowl, sitting next to the potty seat, complete with toilet paper sticking out on the sides of the bowl, was where I placed my Halloween treats.

Yes, I handed out Potty Training treats to all of the neighborhood kids.


A few weeks ago I was wracking my brain of what I'd be for Halloween.
Inspiration hit me like my hand hitting the bottom of the candy bowl.
Inspiration dawned on my mind like the word 'fat free' on candy packages doesn't necessarily mean it's 'calorie free', but I like to pretend... Shhhh....

And an idea was born.

I finally realized what I wanted to be for Halloween. I was going to dress up, portraying my obsession. And drag my baby into it.

And I give you Cookie Monster--with her favorite Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie!

If you're just getting to know me, there's only one thing you really need to know. I have a terrible obsession for chocolate chip cookies.

And I need counciling.
And an addiction treatment holding cell.
And a multi-prevention 12 step program plan.

And more chocolate chips. I just ran out....

I hope your Halloween was as festive, fun, and full of sweetness as ours!

And I will have to blog about the highlights of our Halloween night another time....

Okay, I'll just tell you now.

So my brother came with his wife and 3 kids. (Doesn't that sound like a punchline to a joke?)

As they went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, they kept their little year old baby in the stroller. So my brother went up to the door in her place.

By. himself.

So as the neighbors were passing out the candy to the 4-11 year old kids in our group, you can imagine the reaction on their faces when they saw my 30-year old brother stand there (alone) in his pirate costume, purple bucket and say, "Trick or treat!"


The image is just as hilarious as it was in person. They didn't know he had a kid waiting out in the stroller. They just saw a grown adult, dressed up as a pirate, trick-or-treating with the littles in our group.

He had more than one person staring at him thinking, 'Aren't you too old for trick-or-treating?'

Funny, funny, funny!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween and a memorable one!


Angela said...

Great idea on your costume and trunk decoration. Maybe I should get some pointers from you next year.

Kayli said...

Oh my gosh I love it!! Otis cookies are the best too! Uh comes a craving!

Emmy said...

Lol! Yea, I would have asked Jim the same thing. Very cute costume.

Jess said...

LOL I can just see the image of a grown man trick or treating in the midst of a group of 4-11 yr old kids!! Priceless!!

Your costume was very creative! I never would have come up with that but my favorite of all of this was the picture of your trunk!

Its just awesomeness squared!!