January 03, 2012


This is the most beautiful rendition I've heard. David Archuleta is a beautiful person inside and out. This song gives me chills x10.

This is all I want to say right now.

For some reason, the sound isn't working on my computer. If it's not working on yours, here is the link. If you have a moment and want to hear this amazing song, click on this link below. You won't find this song on his album. Hopefully in the future! *fingers crossed!*



MommyMert said...

Made me all teary.

AnnieAd said...

Absolutely amazing!

BrittanyLane said...

He's so awesome. I love that he isn't afraid to share his beliefs. He's a much better role model than others I can think of... (I just happened to watch the Disney parade with Justin Bieber in all his crotch-grabbing glory... what a stark contrast.)