May 19, 2012


Never say Never.

That is a lesson I "never" took to heart. Or learned....


Fact #22 about me: I am a sucker for cute faces...and puppy dog eyes. In little puppy faces.
With bad-smelling puppy dog breath...

Not the best picture, but say hello to our newest family members--Clover (or Chloe, on the right) and Minion (or Mini, on the left)

I swore after my horrible last dog, (which we got rid of after it chewed up our sprinkler hoses, dug holes, destroyed 7 trees, ripped out the grass, ruined the molding along the door frames, bit my children 3 times, hard enough to break skin, ruined shoes, peed on everything, need I go on? And that dog was kennel trained!)

 I swore I would never ever ever never NHEVVVERRR buy a puppy again. That last puppy was the dog from h#*%$!

But things change. I did my research and now...we are the owners of two puppies! King Charles Cavaliers.

I'm insane.

I won't lie. It's like raising twin newborns. (We even get up in the night every 3-4 hours to take them potty!) As if my year-old baby wasn't enough hands-on busy time...

It's a long story, but we both thought it was time for another dog. We just didn't plan on 2.

Yeah...that's where I come in. My bad--but honestly look at their sweet faces! How could you say no!?

Okay, I thought of at least 7 reasons to answer that no as I typed that---but I--(insert sing-song voice) I am not listening! :)

Sucker, sucker, sucker. That's what it boils down to.  :)


Amber Lynae said...

They are adorable.

Angela said...

Those are really cute puppies. I can see how you would have a hard time turning them down. I hope their good dogs for you. SOOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute puppies!!! I am a sucker too. I told my hubby 2 weeks ago I was going to the shelter just to look and within 30 minutes I called to tell him I was getting me a puppy :)
So, a hearty Congratulations from this cyber friend (we really should get together sometime though since we are almost real-life neighbors :))

Hears to hoping for much better luck with these two than your previous twerpy dog.

sarah said...

Too cute! I'm jealous though. I can't tell you how badly I want a dog... the cons of renting. :(