October 02, 2008

Halloween Contest!

I’ve decided to try something different. (This isn't anything like taking up paragliding on the back of a motorcycle, I'm not quite that adventurous...but oddly, it does sound fun...)

I thought it would be fun to have a Halloween costume contest!

Just email me your kid in their Halloween costume and everyone who visits the site, will get to take a vote on their favorite costumes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

(I will have to have 3 entries in order to do this- obviously :)

The deadline will be October 24th and I will post the entries over the weekend. So send out the word, let people know, so that everyone can vote on their favorite costume!

Start thinking about what you want to do. (If you’re like me and you haven’t figured out what your kid is going to be yet, send me your last year's pictures- no one will even know what year you took it. My lips are sealed and I’ll keep your secret!)

Also, please give me your name so that if you win, I know which kid belongs to which mom, and of course, who to send the prize to :)

I will not post names of the children on my blog for identity purposes.

There will be gift certificates to the first, second, and third place winners.

Because I am the only person who manages this blog, and my funds come directly from my husband’s checkbook- there will be no trips awarded to Cancun.

I KnOw, I KnOw- sit down and stop throwing things at your computer. I’m disappointed too. As much as I would LoVe to do it, think small. As in…‘Cold Stone’ small. But hey- it will be fun and you’ll get free ice cream for you and your kid!

I will also accept entries if it’s a mom and kid duo. For example: If you have dressed up as a chef and you have dressed up your baby as a lobster, I think that counts!

So, GeT CReaTiVe! (Or sneak in last year’s photo because you’ve exhausted all your energy in 2007’s workout and you aren’t going to do it again this year, but you want to enter. Every mom understands what it’s like organizing a 'carnival of chaos' as you do the hair, get the make-up on, dress them in their costume, take the pictures, feed them dinner, visit the family, take them trick-or-treating, steal their candy...etc.)

Start planning! Even if I don’t know you, don’t let that interfere with your desire to enter. This costume contest is open for EVERYONE.

Send pictures to: theriver20@yahoo.com
(Do not click on the link- just use your regular email to send pics)

Again- please leave me your name so that I can get your information if you win any of the top 3 prizes.

Good luck!!!!


Heather said...

SWEET! sounds like fun! I'll have to contact my older sister for costumes, she has 8 kids and thankfully some have outgrown their costumes, and my love them! YELLS..."OH JILL........" I can't wait to see the pictures of the kids, and hopefully mom and child duo!

Dancin Queen said...

I'm in. =)

Fun idea!

Amy said...

This is a darling idea, I'm so doing this. You are the funnest.