January 26, 2009

Women's Weakness

By Camryn

What is it about cute little things that make us, the female gender, melt? What are those little, adorable things that elicit an automatic “Awww….” from our lips. Which is then followed by, “That is SO CUTE!”

Like: mini bite-sized oreo’s (so cute!), preemie diapers (have you seen those? They look like they would fit a Barbie), designer baby girl dresses, those 100 calorie pack snacks, a newborn’s tiny pudgy hands, and all sorts of “little things.”

I’ll prove it to you. I’ll bet I’ll get an “Awww” out of you in these pictures. The following is a gender test. (I sincerely hope MOST of you already know which category you fall into…I don’t want to be responsible for gender confusion …)

This is a squirrel asleep with a new litter of puppies. The puppies and their mother adopted this squirrel as one of their siblings...

Your “Awww” went “Ew”—didn’t it? I just threw this in for fun! It’s a baby animal….of some sort… it was probably some lab scientific project that went REALLY bad...

Gotta love Anne Geddes...

Oh My....My “awww” went to “hmmm....”

Remember this scene? Awww….

WHOA! "Prince Caspian, how did YOU get on here?
Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.....


don't you just want to pick this little puppy up?

We girls have a weakness for tiny little things. (Like the picture above. Come on, isn't that SO CUTE?!) So when my husband came home from work the other day, he tested my ‘cuteness’ Achilles heel by walking in the door saying, “I brought you home a surprise.”

Cool. I love surprises…..well, unless it’s a collection of Michael Jordan basketball shoes from the 70’s which I could see him finding at a garage sale, molding and decaying from nearly 4 decades of unwashed sweat.

I don’t like those kinds of surprises.

However, I did like this surprise as he took off his jacket and this popped out of his shirt pocket....

I melted. “AWWWW! It’s a baby bunny!”

This little thing in only 4 weeks old! Isn’t it cute?! We instantly bonded, and this little fluffy hairball goes everywhere I go. My husband is so sweet, he did good! Like those designer doggie purses, I now need a "bunny purse.”

Isn’t that the wittlest wabbit you wever saw?

Among all the people and animals I have photographed over the years, rabbits are the most patient, easiest subjects to work with.

We introduced the little bunny to our dog. They match!

Our dog is lickin her lips! Yum!

SO cute!

As you can see, they're getting along just fine. The bunny is already demanding piggy back rides.

But we still don’t have a name for it. We are at odds with what name to choose. What do you think this little thing’s name should be? At the top of the blog page, on the right hand side, you can vote—or go into the “comments”

The three names we’re debating between:

Gingersnap (ginger, for short)
Sugarcane (sugar, for short)
Honey (…And that’s not short for honeybee or anything :)

What name do you think best suits this little bunny?


AnnieAd said...

I love the Aspen / Bunny pics. So CUTE! Awwwwwww

Mertgirl said...

Mmmmmmmm.... love Twilight. Lets watch it for our birthdays...

tina said...

how funny. I loved the lab experiment picture...I was laughing out-loud and Abby even thought it was funny.

Love your little bunny and think you should name it Gingersnap.

Heather said...

awwww...It's gotta be something like little snap, or little ginger, maybe tiny honey, or tiny snap, tiny ginger...she's adorable, and she gets lost in the first picture of your lab, I'd say they match! they blend in.

Jill said...

okay, so i'm with everyone else. baby bunnies are adorable, and this one is one of the cutest!gingersnap is a perfect name for her (him?). the photos of aspen and the baby bunny are soooooo cute! And my those twilight photos are yummmy!