April 30, 2009

JoJo's Mac

I have my nights where I am tormented with questions that keep me up in the middle of the night. Such as:

Did I lock the doors? Am I out of diapers or will I have enough to get me through tommorrow? Crap, do I have cereal for the kids? What are the freakish componets in jello that set it up and make it "jiggly?" Oh! Did I feed and water the dog tonight, or was it last night.....several nights ago...?
Is Jordan a descendant of Quasimodo? Has her husband seen a witch doctor--or did he say "Beetlejuice" three times?

It's the later two questions that make me ponder...
Hmmm...Either way, as entertaining as Jordan's post is--I think I now want a Mac! Click on the Mean Mommy Academy link to tune in :)

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