June 19, 2009

Fancy Free Friday Winner

It’s FRiDay! Which translates to= hubby will be home tomorrow and I have a long “to-do” list for him to complete while he’s home and working as my slave.
Time is of the essence.

Here at MMU and MMA, it also means it’s time to reveal last week’s winner and to announce another give-away. To see what the new give-away will be, walk on over to Jordan’s blog by clicking here, or by clicking on the Mean Mommy Academy link on the right hand side.

Alright, enough suspense about who won last week’s jewelry. (Not that I was purposely building the suspense - - -)

It’s now time to announce last week’s winner. Today, we have a celebrity guest host announcing it for us. Ladies, please welcome Bob Barker, former host from The Price Is Right!

Me: “Thanks for being here Bob.”

Bob: “Thanks for inviting me inside your head, Camryn. It’s kind of creepy being sketched into the plot of a woman’s blog without my knowledge.”

Me: “Awesome, isn’t it? Alright Bob, do your stuff!”

Bob turns to a cheesy machine built specifically for this week’s give-away. Oddly, it looks like the gigantic money wheel from The Price Is Right show. Bob sets down his 70’s mic and walks forward to spin the wheel, but trips over the mile-long cord, face-planting the carpet, his dentures popping out and landing somewhere near him, his teeth collecting dust bunnies off the floor.

Ouch. THAT’S gonna leave a mark…
(We tried to suggest the importance of going wireless…)

ME: “Bob….you okay?”

Bob, being no spring chicken, climbs to his knees, grumbling unintelligible words while his assistants help him to stand up the rest of the way. Dusting off his pants, he growls and reaches up to spin the wheel, the sound of bones and joints pop as he does, and he gives the wheel a good thrust. (Well, as good as a 110 year old man can…)

“Round and round it goes,” he mumbles into the mic, “where will it stop?” He watches the wheel like he’s watching popcorn pop. “Oh….it’s…going…to…stop…on…the…”


“Number 8 is the winner! Number 8 please come on down!”

The entire audience is roaring as an awesomely cute girl stands up, squealing with excitement and runs down the isle to join Bob on stage….

So, who is mystery winner number 8?

Amber Lynae!

Thanks to Bob and the Random.org website, Amber’s number was chosen. This is what Amber wrote:

I forget what it is like to have a moment to myself. I can hardly use the bathroom without being followed. The longest period of time I can get on my own is when I tell hubby to take over kid duty so I can take a shower. Yes it is a sad day, but my nice warm shower is my haven. My time to think and relax. Now all I need is the Willy Wonka chocolate waterfall installed in my shower and I could enjoy chocolate at the same time. However, I'm not sure you can shave well if you substitute chocolate for water. Too bad.

Congratz Amber Lynae! Please email me at: theriver20@yahoo.com so that I can give you the information for your gift certificate. Also, you can select which “Mean Mommy Bragging Rights” button you want as a gift from MMA and MMU for being this week’s winner. (They're on the sidebar) Contact me and I’ll email you the HTML code.

For those who didn’t win, there are still 7 more weeks of contests! You can enter again by going to Jordan’s blog and seeing what she’s highlighting this week.

Congratulations again, Amber Lynae!!


Amber Lynae said...

I am so excited. And to be announced in such a way makes me even more excited. I used to write sketches like yours with my friend Rachel. Fun times. I miss our imaginary crazy adventures. But I will email you the info. And thank Bob for me. Maybe I should send him some denture paste. All though he could probably just borrow some of whatever my daughter spilt on the kitchen floor, that was pretty sticky. BTW I have a Doritos Giveaway going on if anyone is interested.

Amy said...

Wow, you made Bob only 110, I swear he's more like 150 don't ya think? Okay so what is this fun little giveaway stuff. I am totally checking it out. How are you guys anyway???

Lori said...


I know you have many awards and you deserve them all. I have given you one more however, for I am glad to call you my friend. Please stop by my blog and grab your very deserving award.