June 21, 2009


I just want to dedicate this blog to daddy’s everywhere. Thank you for giving moms a break by bravely changing the baby diapers.

God bless you.

Below are clips of Huggies commericals that made me laugh, cry, wheeze for air, and fall off my chair with an embarrassing thud.

Happy father’s day to father’s everywhere!

(You must watch the first clip to understand how hilarious the second one is. And this is a strong plea--please, please,
PUH-LEASE turn up the volume on the second clip--the noise and sounds are sooooo much better! )

The first minute of the second clip is slow, I admit, but seriously, it is SO funny!

To my own husband, you are a brave man. And, I love you. Who knew we were raising a little fireman—or fire hose…or fire hydrant…haven’t decided which yet…but you’re brave to assist, nonetheless.

HaPpy FaTheR’s Day.


Amber Lynae said...

I am so lucky I don't have a baby boy yet.... ok I wouldn't mind but the diapering of a boy does make me a little nervous.

Jess said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...As the mother of 3 boys and only one girl I can totally relate to that commercial.

I lost count of how many times during the night, when I was too tired to take baby into the changing table and instead changed him on our bed, did I then have to wake up Captain Awesome and tell him, "we have to change the bedding and you should probably take a shower, cuz baby boy #1,2 or 3 peed all over you while you slept." LOL

Never failed, that arch of urine over baby boys head, stright onto daddy, on the other side of the bed. Priceless!!

I have to quote Madonna from "A League of Their Own" after Tom Hanks and his 2 minute pee fest... "That's some good peein'!"

Thanks for the laugh and the reminder why I LOVE my hubby's willingness to change sheets on the bed at 2 am. Happy Father's Day to ALL the dads.

Angela said...

Seeing that commercial definitely brings back memories. I also am a mother of 3 boys and it is definitely fun. Thanks for the laugh.

Melinda said...

This is too funny, Camryn. After having a girl, I was not prepared for this phenomenon when I had my boy! ;0)

Thanks for the great daddy tribute and the laugh!

Jill said...

this commercial would have been VERY helpful when we adopted the kids and 3 were still in diapers. no one bothered to tell me that it is leathal to leave little boys without diaper protection for even a minute - or that they really think its funny when it happens. tub time was always such an eventful time at our house! the best 'accident' ever was when carl was outside bbq-ing and the youngest at the time was just starting to potty train, told carl he needed to go and carl told him to 'just go'. jake did - all over carl's legs! love the videos!

AnnieAd said...

I only had one boy, but I guess he was perfect because I don't have any 'squirt-gun' stories. Come to think of it, he is still darn near perfect and he's 28!

tina said...

What am I in for????? AAAhhhhahahah. Thanks for preping me. I loved the second one, the dramatic music and all.