June 12, 2009

Fancy Free Friday

Raise your hands high, girls! Dance in your chair!
It’s that time again!


Let’s raise the roof with a “WOOHOO!”

(come on, say it back. Can I get a “WooHoo?”)


I can’t hear you!
Lean closer to your computer and scream: WOOHOO!!!!!

Okay—if you were at work and have now just publicly embarrassed yourself, I deeply apologize. But wasn’t that exhilarating? Now for the Freebie you’ve all been waiting for...

JEWELRY, GIRLS!! Free jewelry up for grabs!!! I know the owner personally, and I am actually wearing one of her necklace and earring sets as we speak. LOoOve it!! Heather, the owner of Moonlilly’s treasures, caters to your specific style.
If you like urban, fancy, chic, gothic, plain, simple, casual, amphibian….you name it, she’ll create it!

How’s that for specialized service?

So, up for grabs today is a single item or a set (earrings & necklace) of your choice from her website! Or, you can place a specialty order—and she will create it. (choices may not exceed $20)

So there you go! You get some “mean mommy cash” to spend on some great jewelry!

Below are the examples of different types of jewelry you can select.



To enter this Fancy Freebie, please leave us a comment about:

“Where has your best hideout been when hiding from the kids—either to talk on the phone or eat chocolate, or simply, just to get a moment to yourself?"

We want to hear your stories!! Good luck, ladies!
(Contest entry for this one ends Thursday, June 18th. )


The Farmer's Wife said...

My secret hideout is the car. They never think to look there, even my husband, AND there's a radio! Sure, it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but it's quiet.

MommyMert said...

No hideout... I just do it all in front of the kids, and than cringe when the kids are acting like me later. (aka, phone calls, eating treats "Mommy had some", etc..)

Shannon said...

I try the bathroom & when that doesn't work I sneak out to the front porch. They usually don't even know that I've been gone. It's great especially when I'm on the phone & I get all excited & talk really loud & fast. LOL.

AnnieAd said...

I took off for 7 weeks to the Mediterranean, and the chocolate was divine! My kids sure were glad to see me what I got back!

Lori Nawyn said...

The bedroom closet. If the door is only ajar they think its normal and never look for me there.

Melinda said...

My kids don't spend much time in their rooms, especially my son, so actually I will go into my son's room when I want some peace and quiet on the phone and they usually never bother me! ;0)

Thoris Designs said...

With the economy, I've had to move the kids and I back in with my parents. As the only smoker, my hideout is on the bench on the porch, using my cigarette as a ward of protection against the disapproving parents and the hyper kids.

It's my little stick of peace.

Amber Lynae said...

I forget what it is like to have a moment to myself. I can hardly use the bathroom without being followed. The longest period of time I can get on my own is when I tell hubby to take over kid duty so I can take a shower. Yes it is a sad day, but my nice warm shower is my haven. My time to think and relax. Now all I need is the Willy Wonka chocolate waterfall installed in my shower and I could enjoy chocolate at the same time. However, I'm not sure you can shave well if you substitute chocolate for water. Too bad.

mindy said...

I put a video on for Aly, stick Thatcher in his crib for a nap and sneak off to my bedroom to blog, facebook, scream into a pillow, or just take a quick power nap! When Russ is home however my 'secret hideout' is errand running... "Honey I will be right back I just have to run to the store for a few things and maybe my sanity... see you in a few!"