June 26, 2009

Fancy Free Friday

Fancy Free Friday is here!!

I am so excited about this one—truly, I have chills. Okay, drum roll please….

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What is one of your funniest, embarrassing moments?
I'll go first. One of my embarrassing moments happened a few years ago when my then, 4 year old daughter fell and cut her head open. Blood was everywhere. I raced for the phone and dialed 911. Paramedics responded in 4 minutes. I was holding my daughter’s head, praying she was fine.

2 firetrucks, 2 ambulances, 16 paramedics later, my house was surrounded like a bomb had gone off. Everyone was charged and ready to strap my daughter to a gurney, when the first paramedic took a look at her head and just stared.
I knew then that I had overreacted.
My embarrassment didn’t end there. Soon the paramedic started saying, “after I finish putting this small bandage on her head (AKA band aid) you can take her to the hospital if you want, but I think she’ll make a full recovery.”

I thanked him, biting the inside of my lip, dying. Oh—it got worse. He then started asking me questions to pass time. “So….is your husband around?”
I shook my head. “No, he’s at work.”
“What does he do?” he asked, unwrapping a band aid.

I knew it was coming but I couldn’t lie to my paramedic hero who had responded to my raging call. “Um…he’s a….Nurse Practioner.”

The paramedic stared right at me then attended to my daughter’s head and mummified her by wrapping her head up in white bandages—just for me to make me feel better. I mean, he and his fleet of ambulances, firetrucks, and paramedic regime stood outside waiting, you may as well make their time worthwhile and wrap the 4 year old’s head in bandages to make it seem MORE DRAMATIC.

he said. “What kind of practice does he do? Is it family practice?” he guessed.

I shook my head, coloring from head to toe. “Um…no. Um….he works in Urgent Care.”

I kid you not—the paramedic and his crew all stopped what they were doing and they stared straight at me, time stretching out FOREVER.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve got her all bandaged up, you can now take her to daddy.”

I wanted to say, "thank you for coming and doing it for me!" But instead, I just thanked him. I was mortified. Stupid, stupid, overreaction!

In my defense, my daughter received 6 stitches from her daddy. He stitched her head up. She was quite proud of the new “black bows” her daddy had given her. And she showed them off with pride to everyone—only for me to retell my embarrassing moment over and over again to the many people who asked what had happened.

Anyway, we can't wait to read your creative, descriptive comments! Truly, you guys crack us up! I can already tell this one is going to be a close contest!

If you entered last week's contest for the hair bows, click on any of these words to see if you won.
Good luck!!

Deadline for contest entries will end: Thursday, July 2nd.


Melinda said...

Okay, Camryn, I want to answer your question, but don't enter me in the giveaway. I just had my blog done about 2 months ago, so I don't need the redesign, but what am awesome design gal! Your blog looks so darn cute. ;0)

My most embarrassing moment was in 7th grade. I was on the bus and wearing a skirt/dress. My books were on my lap and I had a spiral notebook. Well the wire thingy had unspiraled and the end of it caught on the hem of my dress. So when I stood up, my hem came right on up with it. I did not notice this event, however. And unfortunately, it was a long walk up to the school from where the buses parked.

My first indication that something was amiss was when I noticed people putting their hands over their mouths and pointing (No, I do not understand why I didn't feel the "breeze").

I was mortified. I still shudder a little thinking about it all these years later. Took a long while for my fellow middle schoolers to forget that one. Aaah... adolescence. Ain't it great???! ;0)

Ladies Parts said...

Great story! I think because she needed stitches you made the right move... even if they were making you feel dumb about it

Helene said...

Oh I've had moments like that too. We're moms...we over-react...it's just a part of who we are. I remember calling the advice nurse once in a total panic because one of my son's poop was bright purple with flecks in it. I was convinced he was dying of some wierd tropical disease...I think I even screamed "OMG, I don't even remember how to do CPR" into the phone. She laughed at me...seriously. Then she said, "it sounds like he might have just swallowed a purple crayon". Oh...okay....I was a first-time mom, what did I know?

Being that your daughter ended up needing stitches anyway, I think you made the right call by calling the paramedics.

I just joined the Funny Blogs group on MBC and so I wanted to stop by and say hello! Love your blog!

Heather said...

ok Camryn...I have a story for you.....

A long time ago in past far far away....

My boyfriend (now husband, Yes after this I married him!)asked me to help tow his brothers big yellow truck that had broken down two cities away from where they lived. Small cities they were, and it only took 15 min. to get to his brothers truck. When he asked me I looked at him like he had (and I think he did) loss his mind! MEE??? you want ME to tow a truck? are you crazy? NO WAY! You have 2 brothers make them do it!!
his response..."but it would mean a lot if you could do it" yes I melted "it's easy" he says seeing an easy victory with honey words "all you have to do is steer." ok I think, yes I can steer. Then casually he adds, "and IF we have to stop all you have to do is stop me." ok WHAT??!?! I asked him..."what do you MEAN I have to stop BOTH of US??". Telling me how easy it is to stop both of us he tells me how good I'll be, so melting with his words (remember we are dating! so ofcourse I wanted to impress him with my UBER driving skills!) I agree, then tell him if I go we won't go over ANY rail road tracks because I don't want to be hit by a train....

So telling me he's taking the EASY way, he takes us on the back roads, and yes there are rail road tracks! Well needless to say I panick and slammed on the brakes and broke the tie connecting the two trucks..

So angry now that I was easily talked into something like this..and look the truck is stuck ON the rail road tracks!!! Great I mutter now what? well......ok I'll just sit here until a train hits me, I think sourly. And then around the corner I hear that ominous BLARE of a train horn, AND I SEE A TRAIN LIGHT! Panicking again I scream out my boyfriends name!

I can't find the door handle...WHERE IS THE FREAKING HANDLE TO GET OUT OF THE TRUCK??? not knowing where to find it, because it's not where it SHOULD be I jump out the open window!! All I could think was get out of the truck before the train hits YOU!! So as I jump, what should happen....MY FOOT gets CAUGHT in the STEERING WHEEL! SCREAMING in true terror what does my prince do? HE DRIVES OFF!!! What is he doing?!? He's suppose to help me! not drive away!!

I'm stuck hanging out the window in a strange truck, with a train BEARING down on me, FINIALLY he comes BACK helping me out of the truck...because with one foot in the wheel and I can't touch the ground to get unstuck I'm SQUISHED! I finially get untangled from the truck and NOW I'm worried that his brother will kill ME because I let his truck get blown up!! THE HORN is getting louder, and louder...oh no we are DEAD! frantically we hurry and push the truck OFF the tracks the train comes BARRELING down on us......on the other set of tracks.

White faced and shaking I have never lived that down, I get teased every time there are rail road tracks, To this DAY I will NOT go near any vehicle that needs to be towed!

Kris said...

This looks like an awesome contest--I love the design of your blog...and we get to throw something out there that we wouldn't want to relive in a million years but is funny now? Awesome!!

When I was in 6th grade I thought that I would do something so that I would have the most awesome yearbook picture ever. I was kind of a nerd with my big blue plastic-framed glasses and my parents really did dress me funny. Kind of like the female version of Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame...suspenders (occasionally) and all. Any-who. I got my mom to braid my hair so that it would be crimped the next day. Not big braids mind you (my hair was only mid-neck length) but small little tiny braids. Tons of them. The next morning we got up 2 hours early to start taking them out. Mom took all my braids out and then proceeded to BRUSH my hair!!! I tried to tell her to comb it instead...she didn't listen. What she was thinking I don't know. My hair instantly went "POOF"...and I had a white-girl "fro"....after that people called me Screech (of Saved By The Bell fame) until around 9th grade. It was horrible!! I looked like his sister....me and my blue-jean jumper dress.....ugh....