July 31, 2009


This is the last week of our Fancy Free Friday contest! After two months of giveaways, this will be the last chance this summer to win some loot! Thanks to all the sponsors who generously donated their products, time, and services to our winners. Our cool Fancy Free Friday summer giveaway wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity. MMU and MMA want to extend a big THANK YOU to you all!

Well, it’s time to reveal our final and last week of cool stuff! We’ll call it the ‘Fancy Free Friday Grand Finale!’ (I think that’s appropriate since it’s the last week, right?)

However, before we move on, it’s time to unveil the winner of last week’s beautiful beanie hat! What would I do without Random.org? It’s like my personal magic 8 ball….

“Oh, magic 8 ball, who will clean my dishes?” I ask.

The answers spin around and finally, peeking through the clear window the answer is: ‘Concentrate and ask again.’

*grumble, grumble* “Magic 8 ball, now that I am concentrating on you (and not my summer-bored kids, tearing the bedding off the beds to build forts), who will clean dirty, smelly dishes that I don’t want to touch this morning? Please, oh PLEASE,” I ask dramatically—and a little too passionately—“with my dishwasher on the fritz, who will clean my dishes?”

Mr. Magic 8 ball’s answer: ‘Cannot predict now.’

“Stupid piece of junk!” I growl and shake the dumb thing harder. “Tell me my future you annoying $10 plastic toy from Hades! Will SOMEONE wash my dishes?!”

The glass is foggy as I impatiently wait for a response. I finally drop the dumb thing and boot-kick it across the room. It rolls around and around and I crouch in front of it as the magic 8 ball answers my question with a playful, mocking sneer. It reads: ‘Outlook not so good. Don’t count on it.’

“Fine,” I grumble. I justed wanted one day off. Is that too much to ask? In my most pleasant voice, I then ask, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Who is this week’s winner of the beautiful green beanie hat?”

The magic 8 ball's answer was a little easier for him this time and his reply immediately pops up.
‘Comment giver #1. Renee G.’

Congratz girl! You’re this week’s winner of the green beanie hat! Please email me at: theriver20@yahoo.com to get the info you need to collect your awesome hat!

Alright, moving on, we have 2 sponsors this week, but 3 items to award! That’s right, 3 people will walk away with cool stuff next week!! (Man, I sound like a game show host. I’ve been watching too much summer TV….)

Heather, of Moonlilly’s Treasures, had so much fun donating weeks previously, she asked to donate another item of jewelry. I said, “Hoo-yah girl! Sure!” I really did say that. I know. You don’t have to say it aloud, I already know I’m a dork :)

So, she arranged something special. Allow me to introduce you to…

Bella’s bracelet from Twilight!
Heather says you can choose which Twilight bracelet you want, she has several you can choose from. If you win, she’ll email you the pics of the other bracelets and allow you to choose!
You need to check out Moonlilly’s Treasures! She has beautiful jewelry! Click HERE.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, another sweet, darling giveaway sponsor, Amy, owner of Amy Sews, is so ecstatic to do our awesome giveaway, she is donating 2 items!
Ladies, if you haven’t entered one of our contests or won anything yet this summer, now is the time to exercise that mouse button, because you’d be crazy to not enter for these darling bags!

Up first is this gorgeous bag!

Seriously, how adorable is this bag?! I was tempted to just say, “Never mind. We’re not doing a contest. Just hand the bag over and I will declare myself the winner.”

And then Amy emails me this exquisite beauty and my heart

Really?! This bag is gorgeous!! It is definitely an eye-catcher with its elegant fabrics and stunning pattern. These bags really showcase a seamstress artist and her talent.
Girls, these bags are a $30 value! Amy is giving out $60 worth of merchandise for F-R-E-E!
To check out Amy’s store and see all her gorgeous bags and products, click HERE for her Etsy store, or for her Myspace store, click HERE! She has quite a selection of Twilight bags. You need to see them! Oh, did I mention she also does special orders? If you contact her, she will help you with any personal order! How's that for service?

So, for a chance to win any of these awesome giveaways, please tell us:


Good luck!
Contest ends next Thursday, Aug. 6th


MommyMert said...

Of course you choose this question, after I spent the morning being a bad mood Mommy cause the kiddos woke me up at 5! However... each moment is great and each memory is more important. Watching my kids smile, watching them grow and learning to love and love life... yuppers... it makes my role that much better!

Shannon said...

Watching them learn & grow & do something on their own that I have showed them over & over & over again. I also love just hanging out with them & listening to the funny things they say.....smiles & hugs. I have bad mommy days too but I still love being their mom!!!

Anonymous said...

The most rewarding thing about motherhood, hmm?? How bout when they look up at you with those big puppy dog eyes as you're tucking them in and kissing them goodnight and they say "Mommy, sometimes when you kiss me, it feels magical."....lol. My little boy said that to me the other day and I almost fell over. Just little things like that make every day a little brighter, and the tough moments of motherhood SO worthwhile!!!!

Melody said...

One of the most rewarding things about being a mom is having a non stop supply of kisses, hugs and snuggles. I love to watch them sleep and think about how big they are getting and how much I love them.

amy core said...

it's the little things...while I was on my computer reading this, my daughter brought me a pink heart, cut out of construction paper, that she did all by herself for the first time. She was all smiles, "I made this for you, mommy!"...made my heart melt.

Katrina said...

The most rewarding part of Mommyhood is knowing that I have the power to make my kids laugh. All I have to do is peep out from behind a door and say "Boo" and my son laughs. Or I can tickle my daughter's belly button and she's rolling around on the floor. My day could have been terrible but their laughter wipes all those bad feelings away.

tina said...

There really are too many rewards to name and I really can't pick one. THere are many times when I let stress take over and I forget how lucky I am to have those sweet ones in my life. I think the little things like the funny things they say and do, the sweet things they do for me, the oppourtunity I have had to carry them inside me. ( Which I say that because being prego right now isn't always easy...but it truely is a miracle.) My life would be empty without them.

Cheri said...

I'd have to say to most rewarding thing about being a mother is seeing the light in your child's eyes when they learn something new. Also all the kisses and I love you's just melt my heart!