August 03, 2009


Love the crazy headline pic? Yeah, it has nothing to do with my post. I just didn’t have time to find one this week :)

Welcome to MMU and MMA’s last week of giveaways! Can you believe it’s the first week of August already? Wow!

These last few weeks I have been running around like a LuNaTic trying to get everything organized in my home. In the midst of adding a room upstairs, sanding and repainting 3 dressers, moving children to new rooms all around the house and rearranging furniture to make it all fit, painting those new rooms, sewing curtains….well, having my MOM sew while I cheerlead on the sidelines. I don’t know how to sew, but I DO know how to shop!

So, pat me on the back, I bought the material. I even learned that when you ask for a yard of fabric, it’s 36 inches, not 12 inches--which is a foot, as we all know. I got confused the first time and wondered how the heck I ended up with 2 extra yards of fabric! I laughed like an excited mad woman when I thought the girl didn’t know what she was doing and I ended up with 2 free yards.

"WooHoo!" I sang.

Yeah…..the joke’s on me. What a dork I am, especially when I figured it out, that I had been thinking in feet, not yards, when asking the cut counter to cut “4 yards” of fabric.
(You think that would have been the giveaway….)

You must understand that I was the girl who was in sports, on the drumline team, and on the yearbook crew. I wasn’t the girl who took sewing class. E-V-E-R. Now, I’m kicking myself! I wish I had! (I'm sure my mom is too...)

So, it’s been busy around here getting ready for school, buying their supplies and new clothes, being mom and all the duties that entails. I’ve been running around ragged and I’m starting to feel like this:

Anyway, there is much more to list, but it would bore you and make you want to dig out your eyes with…with wonton noodles just to stop reading.

I wanted to highlight our last and final giveaway of the summer, giving everyone the opportunity to enter the Fantastic Fancy-Free Grand Finale contest! There will be 3 winners chosen!
Don’t worry, you won’t win anything like those gnarly pants in the headline picture above, but did I mention the awesome sponsors who are donating Twilight gear to be given away?
Like….Bella’s bracelet.

Or how about the super cute blue & brown bag, or Twilight bag?
To enter, click HERE!

However, before I go - - I thought I would share a quick, funny story with you.
The other day, my daughter (Bisquick) (Nicknamed for her over-zealous food experiments.

Sand popsicles anyone?)
So, Bisquick gave me a good laugh. Her older sister had some friends who asked if she was available to play. (Her friends are identical twin girls.) So, after I said yes, my oldest went off to play with them.

A short time later, there was another knock on the door. Bisquick, my six-year-old, answered the door just as I came up behind her. It was another friend who had come to ask if my oldest could play.

Bisquick shook her head and said, “No, she isn’t here. She’s off playing with Adam and Eve.”

Being Eve would be okay, but I would hate to be the twin girl who was mistaken for Adam….


AnnieAd said...

That Bisquick is hilarious! Let's teach HER how to sew, then you'll have a back up if I'm not around.

Christie Gardiner said...

Your posts are so witty and entertaining.