July 03, 2009

Fancy Free Friday Winner

Q: What is better than making it to Friday?
A: Making it to Friday and winning some loot!

Once again it’s time to announce this week’s contest and to reveal last week’s winner.
Tune in to MMA to see the awesomely-cute, ‘Camryn’s-jealous-and-wants-to-enter-this-week’s-giveaway-like-she-does-every-week-with-all-our-sponsors’ items.

But……………at MMU, it’s time to reveal who won our last week’s contest, sponsored by:

Thanks so much Cori for your willingness to donate a customized header and background for the winning blogger here at MMU & MMA. What an awesome giveaway! You are a genuine sweetheart! Truly, thank you :)

It is time. Allow me to cue the drumroll.

I must first say—your comments were AweSoMe! I could feel your pain. I could laugh, giggle, and relate with all of you.
The train though….
Heather—I probably would have peed my pants. I’m with you. I don’t think I could ever tow another car or go over train tracks without breaking into a sweat!

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories! The readers here at MMU and MMA really are the sweetest and greatest comment givers! PLEASE—grab the free button at MMA to post on your blog.

(This is for EVERYONE who has ever left a comment either on Mean Mommy University or Mean Mommy Academy.)

So, with that being said, allow me to announce last week’s winner. The drum boy’s hand is probably cramping right now. That was one mighty long drum roll. Props to you, dude.

Thanks Random.org for your magical scrambling machine. I truly depend on your computer power to ingeniously pull a number for me out of thin air because I could NEVER do it. How could I possibly pick just one, with so many amazing comments?

And it goes to:

Lucky comment giver #5—KRIS!

Here is what she wrote:

When I was in 6th grade I thought that I would do something so that I would have the most awesome yearbook picture ever. I was kind of a nerd with my big blue plastic-framed glasses and my parents really did dress me funny. Kind of like the female version of Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame...suspenders (occasionally) and all. Any-who. I got my mom to braid my hair so that it would be crimped the next day. Not big braids mind you (my hair was only mid-neck length) but small little tiny braids. Tons of them. The next morning we got up 2 hours early to start taking them out. Mom took all my braids out and then proceeded to BRUSH my hair!!! I tried to tell her to comb it instead...she didn't listen. What she was thinking I don't know. My hair instantly went "POOF"...and I had a white-girl "fro"....after that people called me Screech (of Saved By The Bell fame) until around 9th grade. It was horrible!! I looked like his sister....me and my blue-jean jumper dress.....ugh....

Congratulations girl!! Please email me at: theriver20@yahoo.com to get the information to collect your loot!

Thanks again to Scrap-E-Blog and all of you who commented and entered. Make sure to check out MMA to see what beautifully-awesome giveaway we’re doing for our 4th of July weekend.

Be Joyful!


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