July 10, 2009

Fancy Free Friday

If you are a Twilight junkie....

If you, or if you have a teenager who is wild about Twilight, you won’t want to miss the next four weeks...

Allow me to present to you our awesome sponsor this week!


Cozy Moments is a beautiful store full of products made to pamper yourself, a spa dedicated to spoil you and provide only the finest ingredients.
Cozy Moments is so wonderful, truly the most generous people, they have agreed to give away to the lucky winner a Twilight Inspired Beautiful Body Butter, called Bella.
How awesome is that?!

This is what it reads:

Made with 98% natural ingredients, our Beautiful Body Butter was formulated to nourish and deeply hydrate the skin. This intensely moisturizing cream is loaded with rich shea butter and creamy cocoa butter to soften, soothe, and pamper the skin. We also include Vitamin E and C, plus Japanese Green Tea Extract to help combat free radicals. Our Beautiful Body Butter has the consistency of cake frosting - thick, rich and luxurious. This butter rubs in nicely, without a hint of greasiness, and immediately goes to work plumping up and softening all of those rough, dry patches. An ultra-hydrating body treat!
Scent: Bella - If you are a fan of the Twilight book series, this is our interpretation of Bella’s fragrance. Fresh, crisp freesia and soothing lavender are graced with freshly blooming lilac and completed with small sprinklings of sweet sugar crystals.

W-O-W. How yummy does that sound? Ladies, you'd be crazy not to enter for a chance to win this good quality lotion!

Who out there doesn’t want to smell yummy....even appetizing? Wear this scented lotion and you can now smell like Bella. You’ll attract vampire hottie Edward from anywhere—and it will have you begging, “Bite me! Bite me, I’m type A negative and I smell so delish!”

Check out Cozy Moments store. (Click here.) They have the coolest products. They have
Hair care, facial care, foaming crème soaps, sugar scrubs, body butter, body sprays and perfumes, etc.

They even have cupcake lotions!

Yeah, that's lotion, not a real cupcake!
Okay. There is just something SO RIGHT about lathering your body with cupcakes. It may be soap—but the idea is oh, so heavenly awesome! I would have to resist the urge from wanting to take a bite out of it! But, that would be weird…….and my husband would have me admitted if he saw me foaming at the mouth with pink frosting soap oozing down my chin as I shower.

And....they have whipped body frosting.

Cozy Moments has a huge Twilight inspired line—OOOO la la!! For example, just a glimpse into their Twilight line they have: a Twilight inspired Edward SHIMMER whipped body frosting that adds a sexy little sparkle to your skin! (check it out here!)
Don’t worry Jacob fans—they have Jacob products too!

Ladies, you can now smell like you’re fresh from heaven while attracting vampire or wolf of your choice!

Feel free to spoil yourself, pamper and indulge!

To enter this week’s contest please tell us:

How long have you gone without shaving your legs and why?

May the best woman win. Because whoever wins this great giveaway—DESERVES to indulge and lather themselves in heavenly body butter!

Good luck!
*Deadline is 9 pm July 16th


MommyMert said...

Maybe 2 or 3 days... I admit, it grosses me out to have the daddy long leg hairs.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks or so... in the dead of winter. (Not necessarily to keep me warm though! Just lazy.)


Melinda said...

Okay ... probably about 10 days... in college, I think. I went to school in Indiana. Winter was brutal. Skin did not see daylight for weeks at a time.

But I can't stand it really. Makes me feel like I'm not really clean unless I shave!

Shannon said...

Ok...I hope I'm not too late to enter. I think I've gone at least a week but that was in high school. My friend said she wasn't going to shave for the whole winter & I thought I'd give it a try. Ewwww...gross...I didn't last more than a week....she did though & it was pretty nasty to hear the story of when she shaved. Hahaha....what a fun giveaway.

just my style said...

I have gone probably a month or so...shear laziness! It really wasn't so bad because for some glorious reason I only grow hair (very slowly) on the front part of my lower legs and it is very sparse. It is really nice until my husband takes a closer look and exclaims OMG your hair is an inch long! Ha...Ok yes that is gross.

Ashley Dawn said...

ok so when i was a broke single mom going to school full time AND working... sigh... sometimes like 6 weeks or errr... longer... i know, i KNOW... but it WAS winter... and i WAS single.. thanks god im done with school... HAHA....