July 08, 2009


First of all--it's refreshing to see that Jordan is human.

I'm glad her goals are realistic and that they mirror my own. We hope our readers enjoy their time here and can find a good laugh.

Jordan and I love to find humor in every day life, and being a SAHM isn't easy. Blogging is a creative and fun outlet for us to get silly, to laugh at our kids--oops--I meant WITH our kids. Silly me.

My bad.

So thank you for coming and having a fun time with us! Walk on over to Jordan's blog to relate. Truly, it's refreshing to see someone so down to earth!


There is only 1 more day left to enter the contest for the little girl sundresses!! A $20 value and oh, sooooooooo adorable!!!!


Stay sane,

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Kris said...

I'm confused...which means I missed something lol...Yes, we have been in contact and she IS wonderful!! Thank you sooooooo very much!! I would love a button. Personally I like the top button if I could get the code for that!! Thanks!