August 07, 2009

Fancy-Free Friday GRAND FINALE!


(Please follow the instructions above.)
Great! Now onto our awesome giveaway!
*You are entering a play sequence. Imagination REQUIRED.*
“This is it!” Willy Wonka screams, running around his laboratory of odd-looking gadgets in sheer elation. “When I combine the perpendicular cylinder of Wyombi juice with that of gravitation, adding a gallon of high fructose corn syrup--and a sprig of mint--the molecules of combined ingredients set up the perfect modus operandi!” he shouts excitedly, glancing over at me.

I, Camryn, stand there, staring at his wild eyes, which are protected behind thick plastic goggles that make Mr. Wonka’s eyes look enormous. When he blinks, the iris’s of his eyes bug out and I wonder if I am staring at a relative of the Barn owl.

I have not a clue what the heck Mr. Wonka is talking about. I came here asking if he’d donate three golden tickets for our grand finale. Being a gentleman and good host, Mr. Wonka offered me chocolate.

Duh. I’m a girl, come on, how could I refuse?

“That would be great,” I smile, anticipating the world-famous flavors that garnered him Hollywood attention, including several already produced movies. Johnny Depp, most recently, even portrayed his character on the big screen. How flattering would that be?

Hershey has nothing on him.

Mr. Wonka jumps from his chair, clicks his heels like an old, haggish-looking Dorothy, and starts turning on gadgets in his “work room”, gadgets that look like they had been stolen from a Fisher Price laboratory.

Somehow, I am forgotten. The “mad scientist” takes over and he begins rattling off scientific formulations, reminding me why I never bonded with my science textbooks from high school.

His frizzy, wild hair falls over his brow as he spouts off equations like he’s recounting joyful childhood memories--like throwing a water balloon down someone’s pants. But that water balloon is filled with methodical mumbo jumbo—that makes no sense to me—and it makes my head spin.

“Uh, Mr. Wonka,” I say, wanting to remind him that I’m still here. “About the three golden tickets for our Mean Mommy Grand Finale giveaway?”

He looks up. A lock of untamed hair fall over his owl-like eyes. He suddenly remembers I’m still standing there. “Ah, yes!” He dashes across the room, scattering papers across his desk, opening drawers. In moments he returns, nearly in a skip, and he hands me THREE chocolate bars.

“The names have been picked. The awards have been chosen,” he tells me.

“Awesome! Thanks for the golden tickets!”

I turn and walk out. Right now, I have THREE golden tickets stashed in THREE chocolate bars to award the winners of our last and final giveaway.
(If you don't win--stay tuned till the end...there's something for everyone!)
I have here in my hands--the winner's names.
Cue the drumroll………

Since I can’t mail chocolate—it would melt—allow me to open your chocolate bar for you. No, no, don't thank me. My pleasure.


*sniff, sniff*

“Ahhh…..” the smell of quality-made REAL chocolate, none of that waxy crap.

*savoring……chewing slowly…..taking another bite……savoring…..enjoying……
neiner, neiner...*

I find the golden ticket. It was easy—I just had to eat my chocolate first!

The winner of the Twilight Bracelet is…..I unfold the golden ticket and it reads:

(Feel free to copy and paste. Print it out, put it on your wall, your desk…..paste it on your blog. This golden ticket it yours, woman!!)

And the winner of the blue and brown bag is…..Oh! wait! I get to do it all over again!
Hoo-yah! Where’s that chocolate bar…..
Hold on a sec…..

*Taking bite……chewing……savoring…….entering heaven………licking my fingers……hips groaned…who cares….this is worth it….5 minutes from now I’ll be sobbing like a baby…*

The second winner, as I unfold the golden ticket, the winner of the Blue and Brown tote is…

Congratz girl!!
(Again, feel free to copy and paste or print it out. Tape it to your car window so that EVERYONE can see that you won a golden ticket! Okay, I’m not serious, but I would LOVE to see a picture of someone’s reaction. That would be an awesome "Kodak" moment…)

Now for the third and last winner. That means….a 3rd chocolate bar.
*evil grin*

Bring. It. On.


The scale wails a familiar tune as I take my first bite. It sings, “Oompa Loompa Doodalie Do….”
That’s it! I am NEVER weighing myself on Willy Wonka’s weight scale again!!
Turning the wrapper over, I unfold the golden ticket.
The winner of the Twilight bag is….

Congratz Shannon! And Congratz to all our winners!!!
Don’t forget to celebrate over a good chocolate bar! *wink, wink*
Ladies, please email me at: to get the information on how to collect your prizes and your Mean Mommy Bragging Right’s buttons!

Thanks to all of you who entered! If Cheri, Katrina, Melody, Mommy Mert, and Tina could email me—I have something special for you guys too! Please contact me! I have no way of contacting some of you :)

THANKS to all our sponsors who generously donated throughout the summer to supply our readers with amazing gifts! Please visit their stores; they all have amazing products to offer!

Have a great summer—enjoy it while it lasts. Only a few weeks or less (depending on where you live) before school resumes!
Forgive me, I need to break out in song so I’ll end here, singing—



Ashley Dawn said...

Howdy Camryn!! Ok I am blog stalkin' you back now.... I didn't see an email anywhere... and of COURSE I would love one of your buttons!! Talk about makin my day!! Thanks a bunch!!

Shannon said...

I can't believe it!!!! I'm jumping for stinking joy right now. Supposed to be working!! I never win & yes I will go get a chocolate bar right now. Woohoo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, get outta here!!! I never win anything!!!!!!!!!! lol thank you sooo much! My husband was pretty much in awe at my reaction to this news...I'm a tiny bit excited :)

Camryn said...
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Camryn said...

I am laughing here as I read your comments! This is the most enthusiasm I have seen by everyone!! Look at all these exclamation marks!!!! LOL. :)

Everyone is so welcome! Congratz again to all of you! Jordan and I love having you all visit :)

It's by the person who wrote the comment who is the author of that comment--in which case--it was actually me this time. I spelled a word wrong and deleted it. What can I say? I'm a perfectionist :)

Congratz again everybody! WOOHOO for Free stuff!!!!