August 10, 2009

Me Through The Ages

Playing around on the computer can be hazardous to your health.

And man, do I have the photos to prove it! So, we all know I’m a dork—proud of it—(why change when I’m having so much fun living on the silly and stupid side of life? Uh…don’t answer that.)

Anyway, because school is almost back in session, I thought I would share some of my high school yearbook photos with you.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

This is me in 1954. I tried to burn this picture. I just couldn’t find the lighter. Dang it.

The Woodstock era. I miss that shirt…..and the gnarly rope headband thing….

Ah, yes. Classic Case study # 32947: Plastic surgery nightmare. “OW! The skin has been stretched TOO far! My face hurts! My face hurts!!”

1976: I tell ya, I drove so much better with these aviation goggles….

Um, yeah……I was going through a phase.

The reason I was locked in the basement all these years. My mom said I was just too darn pretty for my own good.

I was a MAJOR trekky fan. I was going through a “space age” era.

My Charilie’s Angel wannabe hair….

I have no words.

Yes… friend Alice (no relation to Twilight’s Alice) found me on the same island as the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

I just couldn’t stop! I was having so much fun! The Yearbook Yourself website was suddenly, my playground. Ideas came to me and I couldn’t resist clicking on the far right button. I started to wonder….hmmm…what would I look like if I were a guy?

Here I am with girly lipstick in 1950

There is just something about the cheesy grin and big ears…’s girly, yet masculine. I can’t stare at it for too long. It scares me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m h-h-h-hot! Eye candy, rarrrr!

Uh……I’ll keep trying…….moving on!

What is it with all these photos with men and big ears? In this case, one ear. “Fly home dumbo! Fly home!”

Somehow, I have the urge to go fly a plane….then shop for a really nice wool scarf!

My Super Alter Ego: Napoleon Dynamite

“Noooooooo! Wha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!”
*sniff, sniff*

Much to my dismay, my dad, BoBo the Clown, dressed me.

1986 Homecoming Queen

1986 Homecoming King

Yeah, this is embarrassing for me to confess. I was Michael Bolton before my sex change.

Note to self: Before portrait it taken, make sure to buy a melon. Spray the bangs with an entire can of Aqua Net hairspray, then drop said melon on forehead to get the look I want. Because it would be, “so tubular!”
Class graduate of 1990 most likely to: join the rock band Roxette and come in contact with lightning.

*funny note here. My husband saw this picture and said, “Whoa, you look like me.”
Um……if you have ever or still looked like this—we would NEVER have dated. I need to go raid his high school album! (It’s a good thing I didn’t put Homecoming Queen on this picture….)

Me in 1994. A.K.A. Lionel Richie

Proof of why I’d never make a good chemo patient. I would have to compensate for big glasses and small earrings….and lipstick……

Graduation plans: Try out for the next season of: “So You Think You Can Comb Your Hair.”

I was having too much fun! My husband and I were watching a movie while I was doing this, but I was laughing too hard as I turned myself into a man. My husband finally came up behind me to see what I was doing. His humor and mine don’t exactly meet. He scratched his head and said, “I don’t get it. You spent several hours during our movie to do this? Did someone spike your food?”

I only laughed out loud as this picture popped up. (He got a good laugh too.)

“My wife,” My husband mumbles, rolling his eyes, smiling. “On my blog,” he teases in a feminine voice, “I’m going to post all the funny picture of you as a man.” He stops. “Wait a minute—you’re already doing that.”


How could I resist this hysterical website? Hmmm…I thought. Let’s open……my husband’s yearbook….hee hee……*evil grin of wicked pleasure*………

My husband: Class of 1962

“2, 4, 6, 8, I’m a freak who needs a geek! YAY!!!!”

I thought this photo looked better with scruff myself. The man is in serious need of false eyelashes to pull this off…

Suddenly, I am no longer attracted to my husband…


I know what his Halloween costume is going to be this year! YAY!! I wonder if he’ll let me curl his bangs and powder his nose?

1950 burn victim

“Hey sexy mama!! Raaarrrr!”

Hubba Hubba!

My husband may have been on the high school basketball team, but, he was still an outcast…

It’s been a dark secret between us all these years. My husband is a Farrah Faucet fan.

See what happens when we become too controlling? After all these year of playing house, not ONCE did he get to play “The mom.”

“And if you’re going to San Francisco …….be sure to wear some flowers in your hair….” (Although, I’m not sure if that would help…)

“It was a one-eyed one-horse flying purple people eater….”

What hottie doesn’t want a piece of this?
*lip smack*

You photogenic girl, you! Or…boy …thing? it?

1974: The year my husband’s dream came true.
He got to play Caroline Ingalls for the High school musical production of Little House on The Prairie.

Okay, I’ve gotta stop! Tears are rolling down my face! The computer screen is blurry.
Maybe this post was mostly for me, since I sure got a good belly-laugh! :)


MommyMert said...

Oh my... tell me you are still married.

{jordan} said...

Heeheeheeheehee..... this is way too funny!

So I was going to use these photos as forms of blackmail, but then you had to go and post it on your blog for the world to see!!

Looks like I'm going to have to find something else to use...

You never cease to amaze me!

Camryn said...

Actually--my husband read the post and he laughed out loud--he thought is was hilarious :)

tina said...

Wow....I tell you what....WOW!! You guys never looked so good. My favs are the last one of you and the third one of your Hub's. Put those two together and it makes a perfect couple.

Christie Gardiner said...

So funny!

Stacy said...

This is the most hilarious thing ever. Can you imagine what would happen if the 2 of you got together and had some kids? Yikes!

Natalie said...

Lori, I totally enjoyed looking at those, I was laughing the whole time :)--Loved it :)

Amber Lynae said...

This is so funny. I love you with the femullet.I think you should try that look again.

Heather said...

well, now we know what boy gorge looked like before he became famous and really scary!

As for hubby, I have no words, but that 5 o'clock shadow on the girl pictures...HAWWWWWT!!!!!!!