August 13, 2009

Jordan's Street

Reality check: Life isn't always easy.

It's full of struggles isn't it? Sometimes, it downright sucks. Without this sounding like a sermon, the healing power to the dark and gloomy days is laughter. Laughter is essential to get through the rough times, it softens the blow to trials, just like what Jordan has recently gone through.

Jordan and I have our struggles--no doubt--and we wanted to blog about situations where we can find humor in all circumstances. But, it's not always that easy--it's reality. However, that doesn't mean we give up trying to seek it out, to find our way to heal.

Truly, I look up to Jordan. She is absolutely ASTOUNDING! It's an amazing talent to find humor in the hardest of trials, but she can--and that is something I strongly admire.

To check out her post, click HERE.


{jordan} said...

woman- I have no words. Seriously- you are my favorite. Someday I will be able to repay you for the awesome things you say! AND for all that laughter... my sides and cheeks are never the same when I read or talk to you! Here's hoping there are MANY more years of silliness to come!

And next week's post will be more funny- I promise!

Christie Gardiner said...

It's so hard for me to be still and turn things over to a higher power sometimes. So while I work on that, I try to laugh too. It's healing. I'm sorry for Jordan's loss and hope her heart can heal.