November 12, 2009

Jordan's Street

Jojo just posted.

And you know what? That girl not only has talent, but she is so intelligent. I really envy her--she is so good at what she does. I was going to upload one of her pics to highlight her when I wrote this plug--but her pictures are so classy and so perfect for her post, I decided to leave her blog untouched by my chessy, clumsy fingers. It would only ruin her perfection.

Honestly, check it out.

She pays tribute to our sweet hubbys. AND..........she has simple steps that help keep the ROMANCE alive. Oh yeah, baby. If you are ready for some good, old-fashioned, painful belly laughs, seriously, head on over and check it out! She really outdid herself this time!

*CLICK HERE to enter a humorous post full of laughs*


jordan @ mean mommy academy said...

PS- You're my favorite! But I feel I must add a disclaimer to this:

Camryn says nice things about me. They may or may not be true. Do not be dissapointed when you find I am not as clever and funny as she said. We just have the same crazy sense of humor. And yes, you can replace the word crazy with weird. It's a family thing.

Love ya girl! You flatter me WAY too much!!

Camryn said...

Hahaha. Whatever. You ARE brilliant!

And what I love about this disclaimer is, you must have hacked into my computer files, downloaded the motherload of warnings, cautions, and disclaimers and then found this one and replaced your name with mine.

Again, sheer brilliance!