November 09, 2009


There are a lot of people I admire.

I especially admire women. I admire men too, don’t get me wrong, they do so much to support us women in the home, keeping a roof over our heads, and supporting our lifestyles, but I have been thinking a lot about the ladies.

I respect those who can multi-task. (I can’t brush my teeth and talk on the phone at the same time. Anyone else have the same problem?) We run houses, take care of the bills, do the shopping, take care of the kids, groom them, and make them look darling. We make meals and we clean, fold, and wash clothes. Notice I didn’t say “put away”—that’s my own personal nemesis. :)

As I scrambled on Saturday afternoon to write my Monday post, I couldn’t think of anything! How could this be? There are plenty of things I can poke fun at—like how I was painting my daughter’s room (rest assure, I removed all pictures from the wall first) and how I dribbled white paint all over her head. (Totally a freak accident.) And then it got worse. I fell asleep and Sunday morning came and I was too busy to give her a bath to wash out her hair because the day came and flew by so fast, going to church and spending the WHOLE day with family--I just didn’t find the time to do it.

Now it's Monday morning. I don't have anything to post--and my daughter is going to school with paint on her scalp—actually, that’s happening even as you are reading this—but I covered it up with a HUGE headband and 1062 clips and I PRAY it won’t be the day the school nurse does the “lice” in the hair inspection. She would come to my daughter and think she has a severe case of infestation that started three years ago in preschool.

Seriously, how do some women do it all?

But, I have posted a great picture below that is sure to leave you with a smile. This picture was originally posted to raise breast cancer awareness, asking us to help find a cure.

It made me laugh, and I thought it was so stinkin’ precious. I copied this picture from a fellow blogger’s site and her instructions were to copy and paste it on your own blog and pass the message along. So I invite you to join the bandwagon, to remember all those who are fighting the battle or know of someone who is or who has. Pass on a laugh and don’t forget we’re all in this sisterhood together!


MommyMert said...

Diet Coke... that is how I make it through. :)

AnnieAd said...

Diet coke it good. Now add dark chocolate and your coping skills come up a significant notch.