November 06, 2009

Jordan's Street

Some things were meant for each other.

Examples: Peanut butter and Jam, scones and honey, chocolate and sugar (What a beautiful marriage that one is!), pie and caramels...........and pie and apples.........pie and whipped cream........pie.........and eye candy.

Oh yeah. You want to see some concotions that were meant to be together? Do you like to drool? Do you like shirtless men--I mean, a sinful apple, caramel pie that was meant to make your mouth water?

Wipe the drool off your mouth with your shirtsleeves, ladies, because Jordan has created quite a recipe. There are PLENTY of calories to go around and to be shared. For your stomach, as well as your eyes :)

Walk on over and pick up her recipe while you're there. Thanksgiving is just around the corner--and new pies are always something I'm looking for! Check it out here!

Have a great weekend!


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