December 04, 2009


Do you have a mad fetish for sticky notes?

Do you panic when you run out and have nothing to write on, thus causing you to drive to the store and then agonize which color you want? I end up going with the variety pack and I get ALL the colors because I can't decide. Then, I have spent a small fortune at the store (because it would be a tragedy to have gone all that way just to buy sticky notes.)

Check out Jordan's post. How the heck does one even make a computerized sticky note? I am not very computer savvy--so I find it cool that it can be done. (It doesn't take much to impress me. Sad, but true.)

Wow. That sums up a lot of things.
To my hubby--I heard that. And you're wrong. It's only one week--not the entire month :)


MommyMert said...

I talked to that hubby of yours today and he had nothing but good things to say of you. He loves you. :) Well, I think you are pretty terrific too. Hope you got a bbsitter for tomorrow... call me. KKW.

Vivianne's Vista said...

Majical? Is that what we are calling it these days? I could think of a few OTHER names for it, but I shall not sully your blog!

My family steers clear of me during those "majical moments." I don't know why, I don't think I'm THAT bad! I agree with you, Yeah! to Ibuprofen!

Anonymous said...

ah, sticky notes. I had to buy some the other day and was blown away by the small fortune they cost! Seriously, it's a small piece of paper with some adhesive people not gold! I need to seriously learn more about the computerized sticky notes!

And yes, those days are just, magical... if you think bloating, headaches, back pain, labor-like cramps, and impatience magical :)

Oh and btw, I tried grabbing the code for the "mean mommy bragging rights" banner and it is the wrong code. One of the other banners come up. Just as an fyi.

Rachel Sue said...

Mine isn't with the sticky notes. It's lists. I must have at least 2 list pads on hand at all times. Thank goodness for the dollar store and the Target dollar spot!

Camryn said...

Thanks Lali!

All fixed :)

Amo said...

My husband is the sticky note king. He has them draped all over the office and his car, stuck to the rearview mirror, dash, the computer, the desk. They are everywhere and taking over our spaces.

And I'm not computer savvy either. I have no idea how people do the cool stuff they do on the computer!

AnnieAd said...

Okay, I'm in. I think I need some online sticky notes. Cool idea. [friends may be seeing these in upcoming emails]