March 12, 2010

Jordan's Street

Jordan has recently returned from vacation. I envy her. I wish we could take off and go play somewhere too. Check out her 18 things she found out while on vacation. Some of her ideas are brilliant!

Sorry to Jojo and the rest of our Mean Mommy readers for the delay on her plug. I have been dealing with a sick, aging dog. Yep. In fact...........

Up on the auction block today I have a spankin' deal on an 11 year-old barfing retriever.

She even comes with natural "fertilizer"!!


What? Your kids cry every time she limps into their room? They're afraid she'll barf on their carpet? They run at the sight of her, climb the highest fence as she goes outside with them? Is the retching sound too much to listen to?

No problem!
(Ear plugs are sOoOo overrated.)

With our offer--we'll throw in a shovel and a cart full of Walmart bags to hang around her neck for your pleasure! (Not to be confused with bagging her head to muffle the noise and using the shovel to bury her...*tisk, tisk, tisk*)

Still undecided about this investment? Stick her out on your porch and I guarantee solicitors will steer clear of your door! Because nothing screams "unwelcome" like a pile of dog barf. (Permeating smells included.)

Hurry! This deal won't last! (literally.)


AnnieAd said...

Oh, poor Aspen! She is the world's sweetest dog. But I know it's hard when they get sick. [been there, done that with my own sweet dog (now resting in peace)]

Loralee and the gang... said...

I'm not usre whether I should be laughing, sad, or grossed out! Let's just say it's a little of each here...poor dog. Hope she feels better soon.

Krissy said...

I hope your sweet doggie feels better soon. But I have to say, you sure make me laugh!

Rachel Sue said...

Poor Dog! And Poor you! I hope it gets better soon. I don't know if I could put up with doggie vomit.