March 15, 2010


You've seen the timeless scene taking place using many different scenarios. You can always hear the cheesy music, the birds singing, the gentle breeze blowing on a perfect day, feel the emotions of euphoria as two lovers race for each other.



Beautiful. Love doesn't discriminate. Have you ever seen it done Snowman Style?

This moving, heart-pounding, feel-good moment was brought to you by my very own backyard.

Feel the love, people.

Spring is just around the corner. It officially starts this Saturday. And though this love story may end in tragedy, these two lovers shared a moment.

Love abounds. Embrace it, ladies.


AnnieAd said...

Spring is coming???? BRING IT ON! Camelot, here we come!

Emmy said...

Lol! That is awsome. Great post

Kayli Nagel said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh!