April 09, 2010


A few sundays ago, I was at church and walking the halls with my restless 2 year old. As I was walking, I noticed a frantic father rushing his little daughter up the hall to the restroom. I smiled as he was trying to get her to the bathroom in time. We've all been there and it was just a cute sight to see.

The father, in his haste, wasn't paying attention to which door he entered and whereupon, walked frantically into the ladies room.

I stopped and tried to stifle my laughter in case the father figured it out and would come barreling out of there like the place was on fire at any moment.

I waited.

And waited some more.

The bell rang and classes were excused and that's when the father came out of the ladies room, red-faced and carrying his daughter. "I thought something was strange, seeing no urinals in there," he chuckled embarrassedly to a hall full of church goers, opening the men's door and plunging him and his daughter inside.

It was kind of funny. I wondered what tipped him off--other than seeing no urinals. It must have been the seperate door inside the ladies room with a sign that read: Mother's Lounge. (You know, where the mommies go to "feed" their babies or change diapers.)

Funny stuff. Jordan had a similar experience with her sweet little Em. It will have you laughing as you read the adventures of potting training 3 year olds.

Also-Jordan has an EXCITING announcement! I won't give it away--and no--she isn't prego.

Okay, I know you can't contain your curiosity any longer. Tune in here!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Aging Mommy said...

That poor Dad! I think most of us have done that at some time - what you haven't? Oh yes, I have walked into the men's more than once which I think is a little more embarrassing that having a man walk into the ladies!!

Fun post today!

Emmy said...

Poor guy :) Pretty funny

IASoupMama said...

D'oh! I once went to change my son's diaper in the ladies' room of a dive we used to eat at a while ago, one of those one stall one sink restrooms. The door was cracked open, so I pushed it open and walked in to find a totally drunk dude standing there, peeing. I stammered, he waved, and I bolted. He was so drunk he didn't care...