April 30, 2010


Tune in to Jordan's post to read the HILARIOUS top 30 Universal Truths.

I had a good laugh. My fav's are: 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 16...............Okay--I thought they were all funny and full of truth! (That's what makes them so dang funny!)

You can't help but nod your head to all of them and know you've been there, done that, or had something like that happen.

And Tina, #19 made me think of you. Mertgirl--#10 reminds me of our jr. high years. That poor sister of yours...I am SoOoOo glad she turned out normal! :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

1 comment:

Aging Mommy said...

Good list - I do so hate fitted sheets, especially crib sheets which somehow always seem to shrink in the wash and then I grapple with forever to try and get back on the mattress!