April 19, 2010


Two weeks ago I decided not to blog about it. My Golden Retriever died and it was a hard weekend. I don’t like to blog about sad things. I won’t go into details—but she lived a long life and had a good home, which makes me happy because we rescued her from the animal shelter. She had been a year-old puppy and had come from a home where she had been abused. She was scared of us, scared of my husband mostly, but true to the breed—she quickly learned to trust us and led a long, full and happy life.

My husband—who is not a dog lover—surprised me. He mourned the most with her passing. He had bonded with her. The house felt so empty and he wanted to find a quick solution.

We were out on a date Saturday afternoon and he spontaneously made a call and….well…..

I give you: Baby Camry.

It’s my husband’s dog. He picked her out and named her after his car. (He drives a Camry.) Hey—it’s LOADS better than what he first wanted to name her. Wallet. Yep—Wallet.

“You can’t name this cute newborn golden retriever 'Wallet’.” I told him, cuddling my new baby. (Who has a severe case of puppy breath.)

“It’s a great name!” he protested laughing.

Can you imagine what would happen if it wandered away somewhere and you’re outside yelling,


If you made a reward poster, it would look something like this:

What if I was on the phone and I walked in while the puppy was biting and chewing on my shoe? “Ah! My Wallet is biting my shoe! BAD WALLET! BAD WALLET!”

There would only be awkward silence on the other end of the phone. “Sorry,” I would say. “My Wallet was biting my shoe.”

*MORE awkward silence*

And what if we’re loading the kids into the car and my husband dashes inside saying, “Hold on, let me grab my wallet.”

Are you talking your wallet—or your Wallet?

Can you see the confusion in the dumb name choice?

So, I kindly suggested he consider other names. Sophie, Sadie, Dakota. He shook his head. I steered him toward car names like: Sienna.

He came up with Camry. We nicknamed her Cami.

With this new addition to our family, my husband is back to his old self. It’s the equivalent of raising a newborn, but I don’t mind. How can you not enjoy this adorable little ball of fluff?


MommyMert said...

What a cute puppy! So sorry about your loss though. :(

Aging Mommy said...

What a beautiful puppy - I am glad you have a new dog to cherish. I can see some issues also with the name Camry too though - imagine if you are on your cell phone in the car with your dog talking and suddently shout "my Camry has peeded all over the place!" People will be somewhat curious :-)

AnnieAd said...

I think Aspen would love the new addition. She was always so accepting of other dogs. [tear] I miss her, but Camry is so darling and I know Aaron is happy about having her.

AnnieAd said...
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Becky said...

So so cute! Good luck with the newborn stage! I am so sorry about Aspen.

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could come over and love on her until you got sick of me :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

The new baby is just adorable...and I agree about wallet.

so sorry about your loss :(

Loralee and the gang... said...

Maybe he suggested the name Wallet because he knew you'd blog about it, and when you got into it, you'd laugh and laugh. And that would cheer you up!
We have a big 10 year old black lab who's slowed down a LOT in the last year or so... someday it wil us being sad, and then picking out a new puppy! And that Camry is a cutie!

Emmy said...

Sorry for your loss :( She really is such a cute cute puppy though. Good think you are going to call her Cami for short, otherwise it will be "My camry is biting me!" Might sound just as funny :)

Angela said...

What a cute little puppy. Good luck with her.

Chance's Mom said...

Sorry to hear you lost a beloved pet.
Your new puppy is adorable.

Krissy said...

so cute! love the name.