May 20, 2010

Jordan's Junction

Sheer. Brilliance.

I learned more about the uses of what a rubber band can do on Jordan's blog than I thought I could learn in my Home Ec. class in Jr. High. There are some awesome ideas Jordan found while googling "researching", ideas I hadn't considered!

Don't throw out those rubber bands cluttering your drawers until you learn what you can do with them and how pretty you can make them!

CLiCk HeRe to be transported....

And on this particular day, I'm going to add 1 more item to Jordan's list.

Helpful uses for the common RuBBer BaND:

--Take your sweet, diabolical puppy aside, bribe her with a carrot, sit on her, (knees down), then while her mouth is busy chewing so she can't slice you like a cheese grater, wrap said rubber band around it's muzzle.


A beautiful, brilliant, homemade muzzle.

Furniture saved. Dog is now consumed for endless hours running into walls trying to yank if off. Kids can now climb down from the counter.

Mommy saved the day.

Yay to me. I'm going to celebrate by eating 4 cookies. Yep. You read right. 4.


1,975, 387 reasons why a chocolate chip cookie solves everything. And a little rubber band too.

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