May 24, 2010


Moms just can’t keep up with it all.



So how was I to remember it was “crazy day” at my kids’ school? It’s a day when they can wear crazy outfits and style their hair CrAzY. To be honest, this was a day when my family would finally blend in.

Crazy day wasn’t something I wrote on my calendar, nor did I get a reminder from the school—so “crazy day” was put on my: “I don’t care” list.

Why had I forgotten? I don’t know, but you wouldn’t have known the difference if my kids had arrived looking like this.

When I dropped them off at school, they were so disappointed when they saw other kids strolling through the school doors with Mohawks, backward clothes, and 80’s legwarmers. Wait. That’s in style again. My bad.

I desperately tried to reassure the kids that we’d do crazy day the next time it came around. I left it at that. I blew them air kisses and anxiously drove off, ubberly excited to clean the spilled milk off the table, load the dishes, and wash loads of stinky underwear. We moms live the high life. Yeah, baby! You want a piece of this? Today, I’m wearing the scent of ‘Poopy Ala Mode’ (Courtesy of the deposits made by an innocent 2 year old.) It has a faint hint of formaldehyde. (I swear, whatever I changed was alien and must have crawled up inside him and died.) That lovely smell is mixed with the tangy scent of Clorox wafting off my skin from the sterile spritz bath I took following afterwards.

This is the new smell of sexy.


When Bisquick came home that afternoon from car pool she bopped into the house and informed me with excitement, “I missed out on crazy day, but I still got to go crazy!”

She laughed as though she had just preformed a magical trick and I had missed it all. Hmmm….her disappearing act didn’t work she was still standing there…(I’m kidding, I’m kidding.)

I studied her carefully. She looked normal to me. But I stared at her with a critical eye—expecting a Picasso to jump out at me. Her pants were on right, her shirt was facing the right direction, her hair was semi-normal—

“I turned my underwear backwards at school!” she exclaimed with glee, clapping like an animated monkey holding cymbals. “HAHAHA!! I wore my underwear backwards all day! I’m CrAzY!”

I’m not going to ask what she does when it’s crazy day and she’s sixteen, in high school, and wearing a bra…


Jess said...


Heather said...

WHAT! Wearing underwear backwards is CRAZY??? well then that explains all 3 of my boys! I try to tell them the tag goes in back INSIDE...but hey they just don't care if the tag is infront facing out! So does that mean they are EXTRA crazy? or INSANE? For wearing their underware backwards and inside out? And the only reason I know this is because they occasionaly forget to put pants on when getting ready for bed and walk around the house! Gah! they are 11, 10, and I ever walked around without pants and just a shirt around pple!....oh wait...yah and I think my mom has proof in picture form of me in just that state as a teenager and I'm showing off...ya ok so now I know where they get from, can't blame it on the hubby's genes...DANG IT!

Anonymous said...

first thing I thought... I sure hope those underwear were good and clean otherwise she might be lookin' at a UTI. I know, way too practical for fun hunh?

But, honestly, that is pretty awesome!

It wasn't crazy day here, but Aiden put his clothes on backwards this morning and I found myself thinking of KRISSKROSS (remember them?) :)

Rhonda (a.k.a. The Lively One) said...

Our boys had Crazy Hair Day. Only they got the date wrong once and were the only ones to arrive with - well, crazy hair. One of them (the drama king) was totally down with that while the older, more proper and socially conscious one, dropped to the floorboards yelling, "Go, go, go, go!!"

Needless to say, we had to go home and take the 'crazy' out of their hair before he would go in. So funny!!

Emmy said...

Lol! I just wonder how many people she told she was doing this too :)