May 07, 2010


Mother's Day is this Sunday. It has snuck up on me and I will admit, I had forgotten until I read Jordan's post.

Can I say that Jordan has COMPLETELY outdone herself with her next post! I sat in awe at--not only at her creative idea--but how easy she makes it for the rest of us who want to try and do the same craft. It's a great solution for heartfelt Mother's day gifts, and for grandmothers, even the teachers in our kiddo's lives. {The purpose why she set out to find the perfect gift in the first place.}

Tune in to mma to see how easy Jordan has made it by including a recipe card, easy instructions a 6 year old could do it, complete with pictures and labels.

Have a good weekend everybody! And Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the moms who have enriched our lives and nurtured us to be who we are today.

Thank you. :)

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