July 16, 2010

Summer Giveaway!! :)

I am pretty jealous of the summer giveaway going on over at MMA!

Jordan has a way of creating a blog post. I admit, when I try to plug her, it always comes off so cheesy next to her blog art. She just has a mad talent for words, pictures, stories, and fastening them all together in a pretty, beautiful, envious bow.

So--I have to ask. Who doesn't like a good splurge? Especially if it's free?


Pretend these are brilliant Vegas lights flashing at you when I say "CLICK HERE" and go check out what you can win!!

BTW--I've shopped at this site before where the giveaway is being held. I bought the most darling shabby chic tulle curtains and victorian chandeliers from them. As a previous customer, I have been truly happy with their service!

Can I enter the giveaway...????

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