July 12, 2010


I have been the worst blogger! My summer has flown past! There are days I don't want to end, then I have days when I am giddily making black checks across the calendar in anticipation of school starting.

Can you believe its mid July?! Summer is half over!

I’ve been trying to cram in as much fun-filled adventures as our family can do. With four kids under 10—it’s actually been difficult finding entertainment other than the usual park.


So, I’ll just take you through a tour of what we’ve been doing. Pictures say more than words, right?

Camping with a puppy = adventure. That look on her face is unrestrained enthusiasm. (No pun intended…you know…because she’s tied up and all…restrained. Okay. It sounded funnier in my head, but dorkier when I type it out.)

Our little pooch stayed tied up, but hey, we offered her free kid’s legs and ankles to nip at if they walked past. Chew toys are sooooo overrated! Whenever she acted up, we tossed her a kid.

What? You don’t give your kids hair cuts and deep conditioning treatments with Walmart sacks held on by flashy headbands while on golf carts eating otter pops, while camping? Sheesh.
Then you truly haven’t camped in style.

Roasting marshmallows the size of toilet paper! YEEHAW! Everything else is supersized—why not marshmallows? Root canal and tooth decay here we come!

So how did we pass the time when TOO much family camping over TOO many days of living together got to be TOO much? We got out our guns.

And we had a marshmallow war!!! FUN!!!!!!!
(I won, in case you were wondering. Wade if you’re reading this, you’ll just have to accept it. It sucks to lose, and it’s okay to lament.)

Summer thunderstorms. *Sigh* We've been watching a lot of them. Isn't that sheet lightning beautiful?!

My daughter had a birthday and we took her to Pirate’s Island for dinner. Is there one by you? SUPER CUTE! (Basically it’s the pirate version of Chuckie Cheese—but the food is actually good!)
I felt like I was in Disneyland. All they needed was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to complete the whole experience!!

How cute is he?! Doesn’t the servant—I mean server—look like Josh Groban?!

More family get-togethers. Nothing brings us together like marshmallow guns and war.

You know you’re a redneck when…

Can you see my brother-in-law in the background? Again, see the way he is cowering? Yep. He’s just afraid of the power I pack. I’ll have to say, this was a draw. Four girls against him was fair! You should have seen the bruises on my bod. You’d think we were playing paint ball!

TIP: WEAR GLASSES, LONG SLEEVED SHIRT, PANTS, AND A HELMET!!!! Bubble wrap wouldn’t hurt either!

On the 4th of July we went to a BBQ and I ran into this hottie at the picnic party:

Yep! Jordan drove into town! We had fun catching up and watching her brother (my cousin) light home fireworks and try to light himself on fire!

And lastly—my hubby and I had an entire day to go on a date! (Don’t worry there isn’t mushy romantic details involved. Ewww.) Nope, we went exploring up in the mountains! We took these beautiful pictures of the mountains above where we live.

Then we went shooting!! Because I have a sick obsession...

What is it about holding a gun that makes my skin tingle in excitement! Granted, these are pellet guns--but no matter--one day, I’ll own a real gun!

So is it just me but I am stunned that summer is halfway over! I hope your summer is turning out just as fun and exciting! I’m running out of ideas of what to do with my kids before school resumes. What kind of fun things have you found that you can do with kids—especially young kids? I am OPEN for suggestions! I know there are MANY, MANY creative minds out there! :)


MommyMert said...

No good ideas here. We have been lame. Lame I tell ya. And I am HOT!

Lali Johnson said...

My kids are all under 4 and HAVE to be entertained. Our city does free lunches in the summer for anyone 1-18 so every day, I try to take my kids to the park for those. Then, of course, it's park time.

Sometimes we will do a cheap theater movie during the day.

We also have this place called THE CRAZE in town. It has Laser Tag, mini golf, arcade games, and a playplace. It's pretty cheap so sometimes we go there. (no homes up here have AC so we spend A LOT of time in places that do).

I'm also a firm believer in walking around DI never killed anyone :)

Heather said...

lol...Yes it took my 2 sisters, and 4 girl cousins to take on my hubby! now you know why I take the pictures and not get involved in water, and marshmellow fights with wade. Jill should know better...remember lagoon Jill? How wet did wade get? How soaked did you get? After 17 years of marriage I have learned to group up with HIS brothers to take him on! I love pic of you with a BB gun! you don't have to use lung power...the other pics don't show you how far the marshmellows went when you blew them, and when wade blew them. It was GREAT fun!

Kayli Sue said...

My summer had been packed with moving {pun intended} :( but getting an update on your blog is awesome!!

snyderwden said...

Hey sis-in-law I thought I would leave a message for the first time ever on a blog. This is of course due to your claim to marshmallow war greatness.
We will have to have another war soon and in this new war we will have to bring someone in as Judge. I am sure after the Bruising you will receive that I will be declared victorious.
By the way just a few ideas for you and your kids to do over the summer.
- Go Fishing
- Swimming pools are always fun
- Teach Kids how to make Cookies
- Water Gun Fights

The number one thing to do with your Kids this summer is to let them feed you Steak, Fish and anything that has Meat.

Camryn said...



OoOoOo--I'm so scared! Actually I am, which is why you'll be SoOoOo surprised when I bring my semi-automatic marshmallow rifle to the next war!

With my husband as my witness--(and shield, let's be honest)--that bruisin' is coming right back at ya! :)

As for the hilarious meat comment--next time you guys are up, I'm feeding you my experimental vegetarian shepherd's pie--made with refried beans INSTEAD of meat! YUMMO!! :)

I'll bring the ketchup!

And no. You're not allowed a life-line.

AnnieAd said...

You do realize that most people are not going to understand the concept of 'camping' with carpeted decks, golf carts, sewer, electricity, etc, etc, etc. However, as I once told Wade -- "You're right, it's not camping, but it sure is great!"